How to proceed to meet this girl

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    How to proceed to meet this girl


    A brief summary, two years ago I matched with this girl in Tinder. We did have an interaction but never went on a date or got her phone number. Yesterday in facebook she appeared as suggested friend and i click on her profile to make sure and it was her. Looking at her wall i saw a friend of mine asking for some advice of whatever. I ask him about her and he told me a bunch of stuff like how cute she is, funny etc...

    The question is this, should i add her to facebook and talk to her and see if i can get the date, or ask my friend to help me set it up?

    I am 34 years old and she is like 32

    Thanks in advanced if you have any questions let me know

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    Sure send her a message.

    don't have your friend do it, that's what kids do in grade 5.

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