Nice guy insecurety fix?

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  1. Nice guy insecurety fix?


    I am a AFC. Does anyone have pointers on how to not be a "nice guy with insecurety issues?

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    get out there and ask people out, get dumped... get flaked... because when you get rejected, you can devalue that act of rejection. rejection is the one that makes us more confident because at the end of the day, when you start becoming more "i don't care", you would value more things rather than what other people think of you.

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    I am a AFC. Does anyone have pointers on how to not be a "nice guy with insecurety issues?
    I have spent probably over a decade to lose this mr Nice guy shtick that i have cultivated through a combo of beta genes and shitty dating experiences with women.

    Book that helped change this was David deida, Way of the superior man. i learned that a woman is not my purpose and that, i must have one, and no excuse will suffice. Also, nothing turns a woman into a Cunt faster then being a Nice guy/beta/cuckold. A man needs to have a spine, there must be boundaries, and lines drawn in the sand of what is and isn't acceptable. Due to pc culture, a society that promotes all this gender neutral crap, playing the nice guy is what gives order. Our blasted genes were expected to jump on single moms and girls after the players/alphas/puas stop calling. This was our place holder in life.

    Part of my ego continues to wrestle with this. Much of my resistance comes with seeing the world as it is versus the little beta box I originally came from. A woman would tell me in high school, she is not like this What she meant was, she doesn't sleep with betas. Not like this, i assumed meant, she doesn't put out or whatever. Many of these girls got pregnant in high school and college. Today, many are single moms and this really disillusioned me from social conditioning.

    Meditate. Begin to make more statements. Stand. Don't wobble. When you approach, hold your head up high. When you approach, commit to it, make eye contact. Laugh. Be bold. Practice. I met a girl in a coffee shop. I went home with girls since pickup. I've had one night stands and same night lays. Some of these girls that snubbed me in college or high school have given me head and swallowed. It is weird. I thought they would make me feel better but, my ego wanted that notch on the belt. I don't want them anymore when they never gave me the time a day when they were young. I am in this 30+ crowd. I dated a girl 22 last summer. Another 23. I recently picked up a few more.

    Know, if you truly commit to this process, time is on your side. Just don't knock anybody up or get stuck with a girl that was crazy party sex fiend who wants some meal ticket. There are a lot of those or girls looking for someone to raise her kids with. Saying no is another solid bullet point. When you have a choice, you don't need to commit, and if it collides with the life you want, keep going.

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