game after a long time of no communication

(keep in mind im dumb)

so in the past years ive realised a terrible pattern when it comes to my dating/sex life, ill meet/pickup a girl wherever. the meet goes well ill get her number and then i blank out. a lot of times ill just not text her even if the first encounter goes well, or we'll start talking but it will never escalate to a date. its probly a confidence thing on my end. ive throrised that because ive been single for so long (almost 3 years now) ive grown to be comfertable being single and sub conciously want to remain that way. when i dont, i guess the main issue is not knowing how to carry out the conversation????? help me out

also how would i revive an old conversation with a girl i havent spoken to in a while, i would like to go back and conquer some of my demons!