Feeling Bored: How Do I Message

Gentlemen, and ladies, good evening,

I hope this is the correct section to be posting on the forum.

Recently, I was reacquainted with a crush from my past. Past is a long story which I do not want to type out on this very slow tablet. I was out with a group of friends this particular night, but she had to leave early. I checked my phone about two hours later and she had sent me a message which was light and fun. Well, it's been 5 years since we've seen oneach another, and then the conversation has bored me, it's become one that's more serious in nature. Reverting to the FORD questions of small talk, it's on career goals and how she got into them. I don't mind it, because I'm not going to knock down people on their passions, but when she sent that message that was fun, I was hoping to carry that vibe through the conversation, and I really want to get it back. If we were in person, it would have been easy to keep that alive, but messaging is something else I need to work on. What are some suggestions to get back to a lively conversation, even if having to revert to some canned messages?

I really appreciate your help!

007 reporting for assistance