Erectile dysfunction with other girls

Thanks to this website, and Nick Savoy's books, I've been slaying the game for about 3years. And for the first time ever, I had the opportunity to have sex 3times in one week, with 3different women

now heres my problem. My main girl, the one who I've been dating and asked out awhile ago, gets me hornier than a mothafuka, good God the chemistry with her is just so hot! Howevz I'm seeing other girls, and all my girls know this. I don't lie to girls and play them... they know I'm playing them

I should feel terribad for saying that. Anyway, my other 2girls are physically hotter than my main girl, I even have more in common with them so I shld have a stronger emotional attachment? Right?

Wrong! I literally struggle to get erect with these other girls. Dafuq is up? Eventually I'll get hard and sex them till they can't walk but I don't want 21, I should be approaching my PRIME!
I've started not watching porn (it's been about 5days) and cut down on smoking weed (I used to do both daily). But is it possible that my penis wants a GF, no more fucking around? It wants what I subconsciously want - which is LOVE not just SEX?

I'll just have to wait and see I guess