Angry Queen-Bee and Social Group

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  1. Angry Queen-Bee and Social Group

    I recently met a girl through some mutual friends and acquaintances. Needless to say, she's the queen bee of the group and is usually the center of attention. We initially hit it off pretty well, she gave me her number and we've been texting on and off over the last couple of days. She's pretty sarcastic in person and there's a lot of teasing when we're talking in person.

    However, I might have been too sarcastic and negged her a bit too much and made her quite angry. Our initial texts were super sarcastic and funny but here's the excerpt of our last few texts.

    Her: Can't find you on Instagram!
    Me: Good luck finding me.
    [A few hours later]
    Her: Add me on Insta!!
    Me: Wow it took you 8 hours of you stalking me and you still can't find my Instagram.
    Me: I'm actually thinking about whether I'm out of your league or not and idk if I want to add you.
    [I should have added a "haha" to show objective sarcasm but was too busy with work]
    Her: I just want to tag you in some pics smh.
    [Assumed she was being sarcastic with the "smh"]
    Me: Ok that's good because I don't like being tagged.
    [A few hours later/after work]
    Me: What's your instagram?
    Her: FIND OUT! :angry face:

    My idea now is just to say that I was being sarcastic and ask her to send me her Instagram link. Since she's the queen bee of a social group which I enjoy being apart of, I'd like to limit damage and get back to a more fun vibe. Any advice?

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