Sept 13
First couple days in Sweden have been fantastic. We haven't been hitting the nightspots hard yet, just slowly getting the hang of the city.

I've been here one other time, I did a RSD bootcamp but it was during the terror attack earlier in the year. Its not a great reference experience to judge the receptiveness of approaching girls. So game wise, this is kind of my first experience.

The first couple days I've found girls really friendly and two thirds of the time open to have a conversation. This is interesting because once you chat to the girls they don't think swedish girls are friendly at all. A couple girls mention they really enjoy chatting in english and actually ask you how you think their english is. One girl mentioned they aren't friendly if you chatted to them in swedish. Weird but a fun fact to know at the same time. In this case not speaking the native language is an advantage.

Over the first couple days I get a few phone numbers. A few of the interactions I don't even ask for a number, its just fun warming up and being social. Most of the approaches are in the street just because monday and tuesday nights are pretty quiet.

I go on an instant date with a couple girls. Although they are a bit younger than me they are really interesting. One of the girls is black and originally from a part of africa but is now living in Sweden. I get a little help with my text game and I look forward to catching up with this girl again and seeing where things go.

So far so good. English is pretty much accepted here and if thats your only language I find I don't have any problems communicating in shops or just random people on the street.