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    Sept 13
    First couple days in Sweden have been fantastic. We haven't been hitting the nightspots hard yet, just slowly getting the hang of the city.

    I've been here one other time, I did a RSD bootcamp but it was during the terror attack earlier in the year. Its not a great reference experience to judge the receptiveness of approaching girls. So game wise, this is kind of my first experience.

    The first couple days I've found girls really friendly and two thirds of the time open to have a conversation. This is interesting because once you chat to the girls they don't think swedish girls are friendly at all. A couple girls mention they really enjoy chatting in english and actually ask you how you think their english is. One girl mentioned they aren't friendly if you chatted to them in swedish. Weird but a fun fact to know at the same time. In this case not speaking the native language is an advantage.

    Over the first couple days I get a few phone numbers. A few of the interactions I don't even ask for a number, its just fun warming up and being social. Most of the approaches are in the street just because monday and tuesday nights are pretty quiet.

    I go on an instant date with a couple girls. Although they are a bit younger than me they are really interesting. One of the girls is black and originally from a part of africa but is now living in Sweden. I get a little help with my text game and I look forward to catching up with this girl again and seeing where things go.

    So far so good. English is pretty much accepted here and if thats your only language I find I don't have any problems communicating in shops or just random people on the street.

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    Journal 17 September 8, 2017
    This group that has come so far together but now some feel it has been divided. We are in Budapest. I knew nothing about Budapest when the group voted to come here. I just remember one of my friends who had been here a few times advised not coming. I took his word for it and voted against it as well. One of the more opinionated people in the group was an advocate for it and so here we are. A great place to work on your 4-5 game and get blown out. I can’t believe we didn’t choose somewhere else to go where the scenery and women were more attractive. I voiced my opinion to go to Ibiza and had a lot of support at first, but then the more opinionated one of the group convinced the others to vote that out. Here we are and I’m making the most of it. I had two dates today so I’m thankful for that, they were both tourist, surprise surprise. The Hungarian girls are tough cases. Some of the guys lined up some extracurricular activities to do while here. I have no problem with it and believe each man is to his own. I’ve saw and done more shit then most of the group combined. There are some that didn’t participate that feel like outcasts now, one in particular feels that way and he needs support the most. He expressed his feelings to me because he knew I was strong and didn’t care what others thought of my decision. He said some had wrote in their journals how the others in the group were faggots for not participating in the activities. I haven’t read the journals nor do I care to. In the thread we have I saw where a couple called my buddy a faggot and Dr. Faggot for not participating. He never responded to it and I know he didn’t like it. Luckily for me they didn’t call me out, I’m pretty confident they knew I might come from a place other than love if they pulled that shit on me, if that’s what they thought they were right. I’m fucking awesome, I don’t need anything to convince me otherwise. One in particular in our group was a big advocate for everyone doing it and it was comical to me hearing him explain how it would benefit everyone. One would have thought he had been around the block a few times by the way he talked but that was far from true. My advice to the ones that asked me about it was if they had any doubts not to do it. I didn’t feel any pressure but at the same time I don’t think it strengthened the group as a whole, then again what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

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    Journal 18 September 10, 2017
    One week in Mykonos and one week in Budapest. What a time. I can check Budapest off my list forever, I don’t have any desire to go back. There were some attractive girls there but they were few and far between. When we went out to the clubs there would be a bunch of teenagers there and a lot of not so hot girls. My advice to the rockstars next year is to go somewhere other than Budapest. The girls there in general were not really receptive to our advances. They didn’t really want to talk that much and if you touched them a lot would run away. I had some good interactions though. One girl I approached on the street and she was green instantly. We chatted for probably a minute and I walked her straight to the entrance of the apartments we were staying in. I entered the code to the keypad and opened the door to get in the elevator but she would not follow me on in. I still pat myself on the back for getting her that far in such a short amount of time. I got her Instagram info and told her I’d message her later that night but forgot her name so never got back up with her. I approached a really cute girl from Wales on the street and she was traveling by herself. She hung out with me and two more of the rockstars for the rest of the day. We toured the city and she and I went on a walk by the river by ourselves while my buddies talked to some other girls. We all got back together and had dinner and went out for drinks. My friends pulled a couple girls off the streets so we all had dates for the night. My girl and I left a bar and I thought for sure she would come back to my apartment especially after I told her I had the best view in Budapest. I walked her to almost 3 minutes with in my apartment and she resisted and went back to her hostile. It was no big deal to me, I try and keep the abundance mentality and not worry about one girl. I figured I would see her again and I was right. I lined a date up with her a day later. I went to hang out with an instructor earlier on the day of my date meeting him at a grocery store. While there I approached an attractive blonde. She had head phones on so I had no idea what to expect and I didn’t care. It was just practice, and she responded really well. We went outside and I introduced her to the instructor and another rockstar that was there. She brought the idea up to grab a coffee so off we went. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the instructor refrain the other rockstar ensuring I would be alone, props to that guy. The girl and I proceeded to go get a coffee and discussed a lot of different topics like self-development and other things this program covers. Come to find out she had a boyfriend but it was a good experience and I left her and went on another date with the cute girl from Wales. The date with the girl from Wales went good, she was leaving to go back that day so I had to figure out a way to get her to my apartment. We went to the Citadel which was a historic fort overlooking Budapest. We took some pics, held hands and kissed. I told her we should get an ice cream and I knew the best ice cream place in Budapest. I walked her by about 5 different ice cream places to a place just outside of my apartment. We ate the ice cream on a picnic table and started kissing. She saw there was kids near us and said we should stop there was a time and place for that. I walked her straight over to the entrance of my apartment and entered the code and we got on the elevator. She said “you planned this didn’t you?” I replied, “Very carefully.” We went to my room, I carried her to bed and we kissed and rolled around in the bed but that was it. She would not go any farther, oh well, her loss. Mykonos was a much better environment. The women there were definitely more abundant and attractive. I got a lot more action in Mykonos, I think everyone did. I made the fastest pull in my life there, which was about 5 minutes. The energy there was very good and most of the people were there to party, including us. One of the rockstars knew a promoter there and we got the best tables at the best clubs every day and every night. We met and hung out with a celebrity as well. It was by far the biggest party place I have ever been to and had the most over the top time ever. It was definitely one for the books. Most of us rented a scooter or an ATV to cruise around the island on. After a long and crazy night I had my passport in a pair of shorts I had put in the storage compartment of my ATV. I drove home from the marina where we chartered a yacht from and my shorts fell out. I went back looking for them but never found them. My passport and some cash gone forever. I went to the police department and filed a report. When it was time to leave I had to fly to Athens to go to the US Embassy and get a new passport so I could continue traveling. I didn’t want to have to leave the guys but without a passport I could not go to Budapest. Of course we were supposed to fly out on a Monday and it was Labor Day. This was the only time is history I can think of that I was not thankful for a holiday. The Embassy was closed so I had to wait until Tuesday before I could get a passport. I made the most of it and went and toured Athens. I went and checked out the acropolis and of course ran some game while I was there. The local girls were much easier to talk to than the ones in Mykonos. They were really friendly and open to conversation. This proved my stereotype of Greek women wrong. The guys gave me a call and said they were having a group meeting reflecting on the Mykonos trip and wanted me to be part of it. That made me feel really good. They even sent me a pic of an empty chair with everyone pointing at it and said it was waiting for me. Talk about a good group, thoughtful as hell.

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    Road trip reflection.

    Two weeks roadtrip has been an awesome time to bond with the group. First week was probably the most intense party week of my life. Partying twice a day and surviving on 90mins sleep a day – every day for a week is taxing on the body. Fortunately alcohol isn’t a part of my program – there is no way I’d survive if I was getting drunk each day.

    Budapest is a slower pace fortunately and daytimes are largely a rest time. I catch up on a lot of sleep which is super important for me as I started to develop a cold or some kind of illness. My energy levels drop to around 80% of my usual levels. Slowly over the week they build back up to 95%. I don’t want my program to be affected in Sweden by any lingering sickness.

    Overall my “outcomes” for the 2 week roadtrip are 0 if you measure the “lay count”. Although I was comfortable with that measuring stick before the program and my friends back home still communicate with that measuring stick, for me I’ve developed as a person so much more than using that as a measure of anything important.

    For me its still about the process of incrementally improving all areas of your life. As you improve as a person, good people (including girls) will be naturally drawn into your life. Its up to be to filter bad people / negative influences out of my life.

    Ive had a taste of the life of abundance. An abundance of girls means I can say no to sex for whatever reason, and be more selective in what girls I want to date. This isn’t something I’ve done prior to rockstar.

    One of the key revelations on the 2 week roadtrip is that I can do so much growing by myself, but having these other guys that are also focussed on making me better is so much more powerful. They provide instant feedback – especially if any part of my personality or communications is sub optimal. The group all come from a caring and giving mindset you can’t help but learn and grow all as a group.

    Although I was keen to visit Ibiza instead of Budapest I think in hindsight it was a good choice. Although the number of amazingly hot girls is less, it’s a good place to rest and regain my energy levels after such a hectic pace in Mykonos.

    The execution of Mykonos partying was amazing. One of the group had an amazing local contact that ensures that our group is at the epicentre of all the best parties on the island. We are introduced to owners of the best clubs in Mykonos – all of which are supportive of our amazing group dynamic and party vibe that we bring. My favourite is the street party location called queens and also a club called Caprice. It’s a lot easier to do a volume of approaches at these places and hold conversations without screaming. There is an intense small nightclub which is good to escalate physically in a dimly lit loud environment. Approaches are more difficult here if you don’t already have a girl. A great place to practice your subcomms.

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    Wednesday 9/13 Post:

    We left Budapest on Monday. As usual, it was a bit stressful getting everything organized and packed into my suitcases. Somehow we all managed to get checked out of our hotel rooms in a timely fashion.

    The guy that had his items stolen by the intruder had a conversation with management about some type of compensation. He mentioned to them that they are responsible because it was their fault for the security breach.

    To my surprise, hotel management actually comped the entire cost of our room for the entire stay. This came out financially to roughly the cost to replace the items that were stolen.

    It was probably a wise decision for hotel management. This way, they made sure that they didn’t get a slew of negative reviews for their online presence.

    We all made it into shuttle vans with our luggage, and proceeded to the airport. We all got checked in on time for our flight to Stockholm.

    We retrieved our bags at the carousel, and breezed through customs. I have been surprised at how little security there has been at customs for our last few stops. I didn’t even so much as receive a stamp in my passport in Greece, Hungary or Sweden. I’m actually a little bit bummed out about this. Oh well.

    We piled into 3 large shuttle vans. (we could have squeezed into two). No biggie. We spent our first night in Stockholm at this Hostel. All of us squeezed into 2 rooms that had 8 total beds (Bunk-style). In our room, it was all Rockstars, and one nice guy from Argentina. I talked to him for a while about my travels in Argentina. We all had a quiet dinner at this restaurant. Some of the guys went out after. I and some others stayed in.

    On Tuesday morning, we got checked out of the hostel and took Ubers over to the hotel where we would be staying. (Very nice hotel) Some of our rooms were ready, some were not. Those of us whose rooms were ready were able to check in early (around 12-1 PM) Others had to wait until 3 PM.

    The rooms are tiny, and they have no microwaves. We had them remove all the items from the very small mini-fridge, so that we could at least keep a few items of our own in there. I get the sense that It’s going to be an expensive stay here in Stockholm.

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    Blog 18
    Day 46 September 11, 2017
    the night before i had an incident to take care of late into the night and all through morning so that really put a strain on me and my plans for going out as soon as coming to Sweden. i had to take some time to sort out my personal affairs and before i knew it, i was fast asleep, halving everything i had planned to do for then next day.

    Day 47 September 12, 2017
    today we checked into your final home during this leg of the journey in Sweden where we will be for the next three weeks. by mid day i was checked in and settled into my room. some of us then went out to get some food, shopping and some day game. women here are just gorgeous. truly a land of blonds. i’m so pumped just walking around here and i have a feeling it’ll be a great place to end this program and just before that, have so much more growth. so many amazing things have happened already and this still feels like the first chapter of a new of book that i’m writing now.

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    Blog 19
    Day 48 September 13, 2017
    Back to seminar and it feels so good to be doing this. things will start to gear up soon and i’m so looking forward to it. i am well rested and so looking forward to tonights first night out. of course a bit nervous but i’m taking that as a positive thing. it shows to me that i am human after all and these feels prove to me i’m normal and alive.
    Tonight we went out in two groups as the clubs here are too small for all of us. I finally felt the urge to just go and talk to everyone one possible. at first there as some resistance, but once i got warmed up and started talking to everyone, i was having fun. i talked to more girls there than my entire trip time in Budapest. the time off surprisingly was good for me. my goal for today was to test out the waters and see how much different is Sweden from other places. it was a good learning experience, made out with one girl at the table but she had to go see her friends and told me she’ll be back. i knew she was quite into me. while wait and just enjoying the music, which i really liked there, a very attractive girl pass by and i just couldn’t resist but stop her to talk to her. long story short, spent the rest of my time that night with her. learned a lot about myself tonight, much work is yet to be done.

    Day 49, September 14, 2017
    probably the heaviest day for me for quite sometime. i know i’ve felt so on many occasions but at this stage, i didn’t want to, especially now after the circle of truth, i feel like i’m about to wash away all the internal progress i’ve made so far and just isolate myself for sometime.
    we started the day as any other, went for our seminar at the usual 2pm. the circle of truth is quite the unique opportunity where we all get a chance to talk about the things that have rubbed us the wrong way. its on the day where there’s no hold bar and we tell the each there what our true feelings are about the person’s wrong doings in daily life. the usual round would last 30-40 minutes. mine was about an hour and a half. nothing that was said there was new to me and subconsciously i was working on improving myself on those things. i’m going to sit with this and let it all sink in for a few days before i move forward with this. overall i’m happy mine was so long, i have more to look at and reflect on.

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    Aug 2017

    Stockholm Diary #2

    Whoo-hooÖ it was announced as one of the most life-altering days of this program, and thatís most likely what itíll turn out to be in hindsight once the dust has settledÖ the circle of truth. 13 full hours of taking turns sitting in the hot seat and literally being shut down and shredded to pieces by your fellows for every last one of your botched actions, miscommunications, mannerisms and errors. I spent a full 2.40 hours in that chair having to endure being told that basically no one wanted to be around me anymore and one of the brothers blasting me for almost 40 minutes for pretty much every single thing I had or hadnít said or done over the course of the last 6 weeksÖ sitting there and making an effort to remain stable and listen with a smile and an open ear and heart and looking for the greater wisdom behind the not always well-chosen words and for the way out of all this confusion without falling into the trap of fighting it or plunging into despair was a real challengeÖ but one that we all accepted with bravery and love. Itís incredible that a bunch of guys can grow in as little as 6 weeks from total strangers to a band of brothers tied together by an invisible rope so strong that not even the harshest accusations can tear us apartÖ rather than dividing us, it brought us all closer together, everyone feel freer, everyone is reaching out to his fellow man to get to know him better, and the guy who avoided me to a point of missing group activities to not be around me just spent 2 hours talking to me from the heartÖ we entered the circle of truth as almost enemies for life and came out of it as two man having gained masculinity from both authenticity and vulnerability you can feel the love for one another despite all the differences and willing to learn and grow from them. Mind-blowing. Rockstars Ė brothers for life.

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    PR Journal 18 Tuesday Sept 14

    I never realized how many of my actions come from a place of significance. When I go through my day to day, as I find out about opportunities in my life, events to go to, people I get to meet and spend time with, I have a movie theater in my head that plays a video of what an amazing outcome would be. Maybe I meet this guy change his life, get introduced to a bunch of people, do something for them and then they bring me into their life, meet celebrities, make money, business opportunities, on and on and on. I always thought I was just a daydreamer and there was nothing wrong with this. I have come to realize that doing this A, gives me a hit of significance, where my brain will literally think that this has occurred and makes me feel important and special. B, when I get into these situations, not only do I now put enormous pressure on myself to make these expectations a reality, when the reality falls short of the expectation, I beat myself up. I am going through life riding imaginary waves and then feeling real pain and frustration when my imagination does not become reality. It pulls me away from my friends my family; it doesnít allow me to make the most of the moment because I am always comparing it to an imaginary outcome. Iíll never be able to live up to the expectation I set for myself.

    Significance is a drug. All the time, I am trying to figure out how to be significant.

    In addition to what I previously mentioned, I also run my life from a scarcity mindset. When get an opportunity for growth, a relationship with someone influential, an opportunity for business, an invite to an event, I will try to hoard it all to myself. For example, one of the fellow Rockstars is a successful businessman, and I had the opportunity to strike a friendship with him. To that end, I didnít go out of my way to introduce him to people if I felt that it in some way diminished our relationship. Not in a way where the people would actually do something wrong, literally just that if there were more of other certain people in his life, it would take away from the bond we had. Itís selfish. Itís hard for me to write down here because itís such a disgusting way to go through life, especially when my greatest gift is my ability to connect with people. I havenít been sharing my gift with the people that matter most to me.

    I started writing this blog because the instructor in charge is forcing us to write so that we can go out. I am a moody writer and I had resolved to just putting down whatever shit came to mind regardless of the quality. Having now written this blog, this may be one of my best moments. The best way to make change in life is to get leverage. In writing this I came to realize, at least for how I come from a place of scarcity, that I donít want to live like this any more. I love the businessman I was talking about. He is living a life that is missing elements that I could help him add. It breaks my heart writing this because I know deep down that I have something that not everyone else does. And I donít want to live with that. So it starts here, with acknowledging and sharing my struggles, so that I can begin to find solutions to continue growing into a man who lives to give to the people around him.

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    PR Journal 19 Saturday Sept 16

    Still learning. Always, forever learning. I have decided that game, or really more accurately put attracting women in your life is really quite simple at the highest level. If more people looked at it this way, I donít think that people would have such a stigma against it. You ultimately need two things to get good with girls. You need to understand who you are, your strengths and your weaknesses, your failures and accomplishments, your likes and dislikes, and then accepting your entire self. At the end of the day, your personality is set. You can try for months, for years, to enjoy things. But if you donít enjoy something, small chance that you will ever get to a place where you truly feel whole when you are participating in it. Once youíve done that, well then itís just a matter of communicating that to the girl youíre with. Thatís really what life is about, and what this program is about.

    Every person comes on with layers upon layers of shit wrapped around their personality. Filters to block things from coming in or going out, denying parts of yourself that you donít want others to see, having a specific perspective to allow you to move about the world. In the words of the instructors, the goal of every person on this program is to get back home, back to that place we were when we were a kid when we didnít have a filter and we could just be ourselves.

    Every person on the planet is a unique loving individual that is at some level attractive. More specific to the guys on this program, just having the desire, drive, ambition, to become the best version of ourselves is something that makes us apart of a very small percentage of the population.

    Everything else is just being able to communicate who we are as individuals. Cause thatís all itís about. Sharing out own perspective on life and the experiences that weíve had. Thatís why just ďlearning gameĒ doesnít make you a better person, and doesnít automatically attract women to you. Being able to communicate who you are does not determine whether or not you are a good person. For so long I have based who I am on my game, because I get an instant feedback mechanism on who I am as a person. People love me. They tell me all the time. And yet I couldnít see it, because my understanding was that if I communicated, and people didnít like me, it wasnít the communication that was the problem, it was the person behind it. I think Iím now at a place where I am getting diminishing returns from working on the ďgameĒ portion, the communication part. Unwinding all of the shit that I have wrapped around who I am that is going to allow me to use what I have worked on for the last 7 years. And that is what is going to get me to my goal, of being a man that has women in his life. Really, a man that is able to choose the people that he wants to have in his life.

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