Chosing which girl

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    Chosing which girl

    I'm in a bar (night game). Hit it off big time with Girl A. Make plans to meet up next day and exchange numbers.

    Right after, I meet Girl B. She's a minx. Really sexy, dancing on me in ways I've never experienced. Talking sexual.

    Then Girl A, walks back to the area right where me and Girl B are.

    What's the best course of action to not make Girl A think you're a player and have her lose interest and also keep the sexy interaction going with Girl B?

    What I did: Introduced them to each other. Was fine for 5 seconds and then as I said something to Girl A, Girl B runs off and I didn't see her again that night.

  2. You must be a noob. Women get wet for players. Being beta and a white knight is a one way ticket to cuckoldry. Acquire digits. Bang both. Proceed afterwards.

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