Does the male absolutely have to approach?

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    Does the male absolutely have to approach?

    I'm exactly 30yo but I look younger, like 25yo I am told. I don't want to be cheesy, but here is a pic so you can get better context:

    My question is directed towards alphas or guys that meet women successfully and have sex (with multiple women preferably). Also, I have to say, all the women I'm attracted to are young women, like <25yo so thats what I seek out on tinder, gym, any public setting or online dating site.

    My question is, does the man, absolutely, have to approach the female in every single situation? In public (gym or bar), online (on tinder or some dating site), so does the male always always have to seek out the female with "icebreaker" aka pickup line etc..?

    Reason I ask is I have always tried to stay in shape and take care of myself, and I went for a Engineering degree to educate myself BUT

    ...I noticed even with having these qualities to present myself in a good-light, it's very difficult for me to meet women. I always followed that alpha male mentality of not "chasing women" or putting "pussy on a pedestal"

    however, again, it seems this simply doesn't work. Yeah, I may get 1 or 2 girls sparsely eye-f00king me, but like on a whole women never approach and it's it's even hard to interpret at times if they are even giving signals to approach them, especially irritating with those feminists movement of "men are creeps and rapists" shit.

    Any alphas, men who pick up women easily, feel free to beat me down and criticize me all you want. I need to figure this shit out before I get too much older.

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    You've been thoroughly fucked up by the pickup industry it seems. I think you need for forget about this crap dude and start approaching. Real men approach, real men show their intent, real men go after what they want, and women find real men fucking sexy!
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  3. Dude you're overthinking and finding excuses not to approach (I don't judge you I know how it feels), you'll have to approach there's no other way around.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aemaeTh View Post
    I always followed that alpha male mentality of not "chasing women" or putting "pussy on a pedestal"
    Yet your topic says "approaching". Are you unaware of the differences between all those terms?

  5. This post reeks of low testosterone. Every man wants younger. Does he have to approach equates to beta as fuck plus really low testosterone. You wont be pulling single moms with this shitty mindset let alone anybody young. its halloween. Step your game up.

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