Found My Confidence Sticking Point

So besides my own self-imposed negativity and some health concerns I decided to buy some Love Systems products and start learning the way Attraction works etc. One of the first products I bought was Magic Bullets because I'm not able to afford a bootcamp or attend a conference. So basically, I'm going at this alone for now.

Something that I discovered by reading the first portion of the book is that I lack a few fundamental attraction triggers. For example, I'm not fit and healthy, so I need to work on that myself. I really don't want to step into a gym again since I blacked out doing leg exercises over ten years ago. Hopefully, I can join a class that involves exercise because I need to improve my social circle too. I'm currently eyeing a few up on MeetUp.

Besides these major concerns I think most of my problems originated from doing what psychologists label as 'mind reading' and basically making assumptions of other people's impressions of me. This is an inner game issue but nontheless I've pinpointed my first sticking point to my level of confidence. I need to stop making judgements about other people's judgements.

One key factor that helped me discover most of my bullshit was the advice to keep a journal. Since I discovered journaling my issues I've began feeling more interested in my thought life and my judgements etc.

Other sticking points that will be encountered are my fashion, my Approach Anxiety and obviously as mentioned, my social circle.

Any advice for exercise for overweight guys? I'm not naturally strong and have poor endurance so need to work my way up.