Need Help, FWB / non relationship

Hey this is a long story so any help would be great,

I'm 32 and have known a lady (34) from seeing her frequently at my local brewery we both hang out at often, and I have been very attracted to for a few years. About a year ago I got her number and ended up not really pursuing her because I just figured she was out of my league. I see her often and we would flirt, but nothing ever came of it probably due to myself being too shy.

Come about 1.5 months ago, I had been sober for 4 months lost like 20 lbs and am looking much more fit and I ran into her and she came onto me in a very aggressive way, told me that she was very attracted to me and how shes wanted us to be together for a long time. I was sober and she was quite drunk, and we shared some feelings I told her I've always been very attracted to her and we made out kissing for a while. We actually took a moment slow dancing behind the bar to some music, it just felt great. She told me how she wanted to do all these things together, but then she also tells me how shes afraid that this could get complicated and is afraid what others would think of us being together. She begged me to come home with her that night, and I didn't because it just didn't feel right how drunk she was. I sent her home in a cab.

So I spent the following few days texting her trying to make an effort to reconnect in a situation where we were both sober, basically she put me off and then a few days later sent me a text saying she felt very bad for what happened and that she really doesn't want to hurt my feelings. I pretty much blew it and texted her that I really wanted to give us being together a chance, that I have strong feelings for her etc....I feel I put it on too strong. To which she kept making excuses of why she was too busy to hang out, put me off for a few weeks so I stopped putting effort.

So then comes seeing her a few more times at the brewery and we talk as friends like we always have and some flirting happens again. She is drunk one night and was crying for some reason and I consoled her. We ended up kissing again and then she left and went home. She texts me in the middle of the night asking me what I am doing, and I was asleep. I assume she wanted to hookup. Then she starts texting me that she wants to hang out about a month after this first time I kissed her. I told her I was busy and ended up running into her while I was on a date with another woman which I am pretty sure made her jealous and more interested me.

So then a few days later I see her and she invites me over and we end up going to dinner and having a great time. We really connect well. I end up spending a few hours making out with her in her bed, and everything pretty much except for having sex. It just felt very right and passionate, and she kept telling me how this feels so good. And then she also tells me that she doesn't want a relationship and that she is afraid she is going to hurt me. I ended up going home after hours of talking and making out. I know she is physically attracted to me and we have great physical chemistry but there is some reservation she has. I tell her how I think she is the most beautiful woman Ive ever been with etc. She tells me she is too busy in her life with work and other issues to want to have a relationship. I told her that I wanted to just enjoy our time together and that I was not interested in attaching labels just to see how things work out.

I get home after this hot night together and we text and she says she had a great time with me. I had left my hat and sunglasses at her house, and she was leaving town so I called her so I could come by to get them. When I came by she was just very short with me and I wished her a good vacation and she wished me to have a good day and it was just a bit awkward. She had some house guests over at the time and I was dressed in my dirt-biking gear so maybe it was just an awkward moment.

Anyways, so now she is away on vacation and I text her just like casual things and we have little chit chat. I am just confused with how to pursue this properly without scaring her away. I really love this girl and would do anything to be in a relationship but I think putting on the energy too much would just not work it will scare her away. Part of me thinks there is the opportunity for a relationship but the smartest thing to do is to continue to date other women and not become too desperate in interacting with her.

I guess the confusion is when everything just feels so right, and we have what feels like passionate moments together but there is something she is afraid of that makes her afraid and doesn't want a relationship. I guess I just need to not come off clingy and give her space.

what would you all recommend in such a situation?