Is extremely hard to read guy interested?

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  1. Is extremely hard to read guy interested?

    OK, prepare for a long story.
    So I have a friend who I've known for years now since we met in school. I only stayed at that school for a year but we got along great and our friends shipped us together. I moved to another country for two years and I didn't hear from him until I moved back to the same school and he was still there. We hung out in the same friend group and I slowly started to fall for him. Hard. I moved once again at the end of the year but decided to tell him how I felt. It didn't work out and I only ended up telling him there was something he needed to know. A year passed and he started texting me a lot, practically every day. Then he came up with the idea to visit me for a week. He is bound to come with me after I finish visting him and my other friends. He offered me a ride everywhere and when we went out as a group, he bought my ticket and offered me a bunch of things I politely declined. Then he bought me an ice cream. I slept over at his house and we talked about a lot of really personal things. Then we went to watch a movie with his family and we sat as close as we could without touching. We are both shy and hard to read but I don't know if he really does like me or if he's just being kind. Any sort of help will be very much appreciated.

  2. He likes you if he treats you like that. What he'll find really attractive is if you make the move to kiss him, it breaks gender norms and will surprise him beyond haha

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