What's the best advice for girl that routinely goes hot and cold?

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  1. What's the best advice for girl that routinely goes hot and cold?

    Long story short, have been acquainted with HB 8.5 for a few months and after a couple weeks of casual texting we went out to lunch on Friday. Obviously I wasn't hoping for a daytime meetup but she after two weeks of just texting she said she really wanted to see me and this was the only time she had.

    Went well, ended with a kiss, and she specifically said we're doing drinks next week (this week) but since then it's been a crapshoot if I'm going to get a response or not. She's 25, so I figured small talk was a necessity but should I just skip right past that and say hey let's meet up again at this place at this time? Try making convo sexual? What's the best way to move forward here?

  2. Alright so haven't posted in a while and forgot that responses are usually tough to come by. Hoping that an update will change that. I have had several phone convos since then, but I think what swung things in my favor was a simple canned opener: "Are we having a fight that I am unaware of? More importantly, am I winning?"

    Her response was pretty enthusiastic, "sorry, I'm a HORRIBLE texter! You win!" and a flirty convo commenced. I called back to this the other day saying "I gotta admit, you went from a horrible adequate texter to an adequate one in record time! I owe you a silver star next week!" She responded "I'm striving for gold!" Point is, I think I've figured out how to elicit favorable responses, but I still haven't been able to get a date. Have been hit with generic excuse of just been real busy kind of crap maybe two or three times but she "promised" we will hang out soon.

    Any advice about how to move this along here?

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