Good initial value and attraction, but bad sex = still good standing?

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  1. Good initial value and attraction, but bad sex = still good standing?

    Hi guys, new member here and I appreciate all your input and advice on my previous posts. I am very eager to learn what works and what does not in regards to pickup. Been a long time lurker and now deciding to take real action and learn!

    If you go on a date/s with a girl and had initial value, social proof, and good rapport, but eventually had bad first lay (either it was just dry humping, or she did not orgasm), does all your initial value automatically vanish in the girl's eyes?

    Just very curious about this. Has anyone here experienced that when you started out in pickup? Any criticisms and thoughts are welcome.

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    If you're terrible in bed then it is a big problem and one often very overlooked by people too fixated on "value", "social proof" etc.
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  3. My boy had a similar problem and got over it. To be good in bed you have to have sex with your partner and know each other very well. The best thing to have sex is to have a lot of love and little by little you will get your sexual relations getting better.

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