Stealing her away- now what?

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  1. Stealing her away- now what?

    Posted this Innewbies as well.

    Hi, I've been out of the game a while, so am rusty. Also as I'm older now I have found honesty works better. Anyway...

    I'll try and keep this summarised and get to the main bit:
    Long term friend, we nearly hooked up last year and again this year but I stuffed up (shy/ lost confidence) and she was playing games. I went travelling too, which cooled things.

    Lately we re connected and have had some amazing times together. All emotional. No physical. Found out she has been seeing someone. She refused to tell me. There is plenty to say she likes me- conversation, body language , cancelling out on friends to see me etc.

    Anyway I sent her a couple of soft bf destroyers, then yesterday apretty confronting bf destroyer text which clearly had an effect on her. She wrote back saying I shouldn't say things like that. No defending him or yelling at me.
    I wrote a second text saying I care about her we are friends, missed her. It was Deliberately not needy.
    She wrote back saying we are just friends and I shouldn't be saying things like that about the guy she is seeing. Again it was muted and not angry.

    Replied that we are friends and friends look out for each other and he was plying her. Proposed we catch up in person tomorrow.

    My question is where to now? We are friends, She does like me, she is seeing someone else, she does trust me. I know her better than pretty much anyone and that was said by one of her close friends, not me! We have an emotional relationship and she does confide in me about personal stuff.

    Do I just sit back and let the destroyer message weave it's magic( it will effect her ) or when I catch up with her, be open about my feelings ( without being whiny/needy)-just describe our friendship and future project our lives together. And was going to mix in a bit on how nice he must be to be with her.

    My female friend says be honest with her and then tell her I have to protect myself, so although we are friends, I am going to step back a bit and she need s to understand why. She can still call text etc.

    This sounds anti game, but honesty is t best policy sometimes.
    Thoughts? I need a strategy to win her over.

  2. Last time you lost her because of playing games... Now you want a strategy. That's like playing games again. If it hasn't worked in the first place it will not work now. Just be honest, walk away and mean it.
    "I can not be your friend. Give me a call if you change your mind. "
    FTOW, concentrate on women that are available.

  3. Thanks Simson. You are right. we caught up onthe weekend. I didnt want to play games as it is tiring. We just talked and I acted as a friend. She ended up asking me stuff about other girls etc. I told her what i thought, and said that she knew where to find me. I went home. Ive had enough.

    In the meantime a new girl has come onto the scene. Completely the opposite. Friendly, outgoing, interested in me and we are having fun together. I guess i ts time i fess up to myself that the first girl is not my type, and is barely a friend id she cannot even talk with me. Thanks for the response.

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