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  1. Texting problem

    Hello everyone,
    I've sent a birthday message to a friend, and she replies with thanks, then she adds " woow, we didn't meet for a long time, where have you been ! ".
    What would be the best flirtious and funny response I can text her back with ?
    I'm asking you guys because I trust you, and I'm sure I'll get the best answer !
    Thanks a lot !

  2. Mxm, cumon dude. You can't be posting stuff like this here...it's like...trivial problem. Altho we can still help, there is this forum thread hear somewhere that has a bunch of clever texts for various situations/levels of emotional progression with a girl. I found it by Google search last time, maybe you an getit

  3. I would say: Waiting for you to miss me so we can meet soon, if you tell me where and when?

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