Issue: Loosing the girl mid-way through interaction
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    Issue: Loosing the girl mid-way through interaction

    I've noticed from my last few sets specifically that I'm losing the interaction mid way through. Not sure why?

    I consider myself intermediate, would be advanced if I could close more!!

    I'm great at approaching, no issues with this; I focus on a component in which the girl controls (hair, bodylanuge, fashion etc.) - which they love. I've had responses of "arn't you polite", or "that's so complimentary".

    The approach generally goes like this:

    where she's going/doing
    (I talk about what I was doing/going to do)
    (some story)

    Girl decides to leave - I throw a hail marry and go for number - get BF rejection.

    I think it might be a vibing issue?? But I notice mid-way through the interaction the girl body rocks to leave.

    A lack of connection in my approaches.

    Any thoughts??

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    Last girl I approached said:

    Her: I have a bf (walks away)
    Me: For how long?
    Her: Long enough

    #burn haha

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    Trying to jump to "gimme your number" when the girls interest level is stuck at "no thanks" generally won't work. It's awesome you have the confidence to do that though. All you need is to channel it!

    Clearly, you need to improve whatever is blocking you at mid-interaction. Probably you need someone with social awareness to watch your interactions (or give very accurate reports) to discover what specifically is missing.

    FWIW: i think opening with compliment automatically puts you in a negative spot. Women get that all day long from AFCs. I am careful to keep discussions neutral with people until they've 'earned' a compliment. Depending how indirect ("how do you pick your laundry detergent?") to direct ("i noticed you standing alone so I came over to say hi") the approach, it's always to convey a sense of 'we're equals until proven otherwise'.

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