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    I am looking for dating younger women. What have i to care for there? Any special kind of humour? Any attraction cues? ...

  2. If this is your approach, it will not end well.

    Pickup = put best foot forward, play the cards you were dealt in genetic lottery + spam approach!

    I always go for younger. I don't want past prime or hit the wall, baby rabies, leaving bridal mags around, etc. Last two girls I dated were 23 and 22. I say dated casually lol Before that, a girl 21 gave me a throat(er). I recently picked up another girl. Age 24. Your age is more a number to yourself then women. Contrary to society, to social conditioning, not everything is equal in terms of capacity, IQ, competency, talent, skills, athleticism, aesthetics, looks, etc. Men and women run on different tracks with respect to biology and fertility.

    Women in her youth are spoiled for choice. When that well runs dry, she wants to settle down, get married, and play homemaker. Rest assured, if not for her declining fertility, most would never change, and would 'sloot gonna sloot.' Society as of now is promoting this and cuckoldry; raising bastard children and dating single moms because kids are free (right?)!

    Free thinking goes a long way. I've hooked up with single moms but, definitely not out of choice. More or less, they hid it and it happened. Some were girls I knew in school years ago. I am not raising a man's baby. I am not footing the bills when she hits the wall, when her options are gone, and she no longer is spoiled for choice.

    Society will demonize you as will the corporate and business world especially women in management. It infuriates them but, fuck em!

    I don't recommend marriage in this day and age given the current climate of the court systems. Ideally, if you are to settle down and commit in a LTR, I would recommend you date younger. Your style needs work man. Your post was boring as fuck. A attention whore with an absurd amount of male orbiters cucks, and betas, not to mention a series of alphas she bangs wont bother with your boring comments.

    Develop personality and project it.

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