Need help railing in a young hottie

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    Need help railing in a young hottie

    About a month ago I started using a new hairdresser. She is about 22 and is definitely a 10.
    The first couple of appointment I DHV'ed really well.I could see some IOI's but was not sure if she was just working me for a better tip. I am a good tipper anyway so I was not sure. About a week and a half ago during an appointment she was standing behind me cutting my hair. She pulled my head right into her chest. Far enough that it was clear that it was not a mistake. I continued to DHV and by the time I was done I did feel like there was a possibility that she was interested. Then a couple hours latter she friend requested me on Facebook. Now, I am 45 years old. And i never told he my age. Also, I do look younger. I pass for 35 easily. In fact my last girlfriend thought I was 34 for the first 6 months we were going out. And I ended up telling her. She never figured it out.
    But back to my hairdresser. A couple hours after I received her friend request I accepted it. Here is were I may have made a mistake. A very good friend of mine, who is a 43 year old woman offered me some advise. I usually do not take advise from women. But this time I did because when this woman was younger she was a straight up 10 no question.
    So two days after I received and accepted my hairdressers friend request I was talking to my female friend about what to do next. She advised me that a girl this hot will not be looking for a guy very long and I better send he a message. So I did so that night. My message was basic, just saying hi, how was your weekend. The next night I still did not hear anything so my friend told me to look at her Facebook page for her phone number. I found he number and my female friend said that I should text her. I did this more so because a lot of people have problems with FB messenger and since the message was not yet opened and we could see that she had been on FB, also, my messenger did seem to have issues.
    So my friend told me to text he with the same type of greeting but add that my messenger was a bit messed up. So that is what I did.
    Now it has been about ten day since my hair appointment and a week since I sent he a text. I have not heard a thing from my hairdresser. But, she did have a post last night stating she caught he boyfriend cheating. This was a bit of a surprise to me because on our first appointment she mentioned she had a boyfriend and during my last appointment she said she was single. Not sure what to think.
    My questions are:
    Where did I go wrong?
    Can I turn this around and still get the girl?
    Also, if it is as simple as my age (which she would have seen on FB) can I overcome it?
    Any help would be great!

    Thank you

  2. Your first text should never start with a "Hello, how are you?" type of situation in my humble opinion. If she said she was single its coz I believe she found interested and didn want you to lose interest. Possibly she assumed at the time her bf was cheating but had no solid proof. Basically she's down, whatever age she thinks you are. Her cheating bf may even have been older than yourself. I would be interested to know.

    Anyway, your first text should have been something randomly entertaining which also confirms your intentions. This random first text should ironically be clinically calculated. Here's something you can use for a first text and in your current situation. For this to work you must start this approach in morning. Simply send this text in the morning around 10am:

    You: is it true...

    She most likely wont respond immediately.. give her no less than 10 minutes.. maximum a few hours, however your next text should ideally be on the same day and I personally recommend responding in 10-15 minutes ... she shud now be wondering, WTF does he mean. Is he upset I said I was single? Does he know something about me that he shouldn? Does he know the same people I know? ... In a nutshell, you know have thinkin abt you. Your next is simple and should get an immediate response after viewing, most likely on her next break time or while waiting for the next client. Btw this technique has worked for me statistically 100%. Bare in mind you can skip this step if she responds curiously to above suggested text. Your next text is:

    You: ..?

    She should respond to your great full self. If she doesnt, firstly I would be very surprised and secondly you would be F^%kin with my stats. Please let us know if this is the case. She most likely wont respond directly to the question and attempt to act like she aint interested in what you know. Basically most of the time they ignore your question all together and respond something in this generic vain:

    Possible Response #1
    Hot#10: Hey u. Whats up?

    Possible Response #2
    Hot#10: Hey. How are you?

    Whatever the response, even in the unlikely event that she does respond directly by asking "is what true?", you should always use the next text. If she asks "how are you?", ignore it just like she did yours. Your response is going to entertain her most, causing her to engage with you rather than one of possible 20+ guys trying there luck just like you texting her. Remember* dont respond immediately out of pure excitement, wait!! And similarly give her no less than 10 minutes.. maximum a few hours, however your next text should ideally be on the same day and I personally recommend responding this time round roughly 30-45 minutes later. Be charming not desperate. There many young 10's out there, and surely theres enough for all of us. After being patient within reason respond with:

    You: Is it true... that if you think about someone long enough they start thinking about you?

    At this point she would love to respond immediately but she simply cant due to the lack of wit. She didnt see that coming. She's flattered yet not sure how flattered. She knows you want it and should admire your confidence to flirt. She'll be thinking of a response, you kinda forcing her to admit she thought about you. She may even be tricked into believing she's been thinking about you more than she did in reality. Her possible response could be something like "perhaps" or "maybe". After your next response its your duty to keep her entertained. And make sure you take her out the next time she has the following day off work. You should respond:

    You: I'm having a hard time keeping focused... I'm not sure who's to blame here but not many things in life can distract me from my ridiculous monetary ambitions... lol.. Im curious, so tell me.. how you doin?

    good luck.. let me know if you try this

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