When you messed up your chance to have sex with her and then she lost interest

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  1. When you messed up your chance to have sex with her and then she lost interest

    I had my chance with this girl. Though she had a bf who stays far from her. After some chats she invited me over to her place one evening...She cooked and we hate together that night. Then we did some fun stuffs together which gave me the opportunity to escalate with her and she was horny but she became cold after a while... It was late at night and she wanted me to leave as if i was just a friend who had come to visit her.
    But i it was late so i had to sleep over and then we both continued with the fun and i escalated further. But then she just refused to have sex and after a few retries and persistence(cos girls mostly dont mean it when they say no) she said she will only have sex bf and not with me and she can't even date me.

    After that day she became cold on me and lost interest. Then i ignored her and moved on with my life. She became so obviously miserable cos of the sudden change in my attitude. I mean obviously and tried to get me to chase again. Then recently(after a month) she started with her flirtings again.

    Idk if it's cos we never had sex that made me feel attached still to her, and her to me emotionally or something else.

    Need help... Don't even know what to say to avoid old mistakes. But i want her.

  2. When you messed up your chance to have sex with her and then she lost interest

    Obviously you missed your chance, might be wasn't your mistake. Girls with Bf usually behaving that way, she didn't want to look like a Slut,
    Try again with her and avoid the emotions things

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  3. Thanks!

    She was ill recently and i called to know how she was feeling.
    I also asked about her sad and boring mood recently as she occasionally stare long at me like she has something in mind...
    But after such little gesture of affection, she started acting cold again she doesn't even greet me. Makes me feel like i made a mistake giving her that little bit of attention she craves.

    She is a confused idiot i guess. She also feels jealous even when I'm having normal conversation with other girls. She is stringing me along i guess.
    We work in a not very big shopping mall, so we still see daily, and work together. Breaking contact is not an option.

    I guess she is just being stupid. So i have made up my mind and clear her up from getting in my head again. It's her loss.

    I was stupid too to be so persistent i guess. I get feeling she has gossiped me with other girls cos of the attitude and malicious smile i get at times.
    F*ck me!!!

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