Need help on how to proceed

Hey. Im a 21yo guy from Brazil.
Lets direct to the point.
So, yesterday i went to a party (university) with a few friends. In the midle of this party, a guy come across me and asked if i like girls, haha. I said yes and he said that his friend was interested in me. So i approached her and we just say a few words and kissed. After this we talked more. About being vegetarian (both), cancer sign, etc. We stayed the rest of the party together. At the end she asked if we could go to home together. I agree and we went to her house. I was without codom, so, just fingers on that night, haha.
The thing is, on the next day we woke up early and i left from her house fast. We talked almost nothing, she didnt ask my phone number, etc.
So. Should i add she on facebook and try some conversation (how to start?) or its clear that she just want one night?