Mixed couple Her: Facebook... Him: no Facebook

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  1. Mixed couple Her: Facebook... Him: no Facebook

    I'm not a fan or a user of social media but my Ex GF was always snooping around on Facebook. She claimed she only liked Facebook to communicate with her kids...

    I feel that Facebook is a big negative influence on people and is kind of like an open door in a relationship. Anyone can chat up your SO while you remain oblivious..

    That is exactly what happened to perpetuate my breakup 3 months ago.

    On clicking a mutual male acquaintances FB pic, I was horrified to see that my Ex had been spilling her guts earlier that morning to this particular Facebook acquaintance (orbiter) who was more that happy to HELP with her supposed "relationship issues" by offering to "let him know WHEN she became single" ... (not IF but when).

    Regretfully, I was overwhelmed & froze by this info and chose not to confront on the spot because I needed time to digest the situation... 2 months later, she monkey branched to him the night before I got blindsided with "I love you but I'm not in love with you" speech. She lined up a replacement then slept with him to make sure he was up to snuff, then later that same day dropped the nuke over supper. In her mind she didn't cheat or anything because all business was wrapped up on same day (WRONG ORDER THOUGH... Ooops... she'll just leave that little detail out of the equation)

    I say How very cold & cowardly to end things like that after 7 years... a 3 minute conversation and I was done... She had her mind made up and nothing I could say or do but pack up and move out on the spot while she waited in the other room on the phone with god knows who.

    That's the wicked way of love people !!!
    You get lulled into a false sense of security in a LTR and then suddenly from 1 second to the next ... Your future together vanishes !!! Poof

    It's weird but I feel like even though I know it was her choice to end things rather suddenly, that it was Facebook that kind of ruined our relationship.

    Any other Anti-Facebookers out there ?
    Comments ???
    Anyone want to weigh in on the "I love you but I'm not in love with you" ?

  2. Lol sounds exactly like mine. Almost word for word (including the love you but not in love with you thing), but switch facebook to whatsapp.

    Seriously there's 101 ways for people to clandestinely communicate, if its not facebook, its whatsapp, viber, insta, email, texting, whatever. If she's going to play she's going to play.

    Truth is that there was shit wrong first, and when the perfect storm of relationship problems + someone sniffing around and giving them attention all lines up, its job done.

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