My shot or hers?

Hi guys,

So last Saturday I suffered from erectile dysfunction, my girlfriend was pretty disappointed 😔. The next day I texted her cuz I knew I had to keep communication vessels open to maintain the relationship.

That's how the conversation went Sunday:

Me: How's the gathering at your brother's house?
Her: Pretty boring !
Her: And my mom even woke me up at 10 a.m (I left her at her house at 5 a.m)
Me: your brother's daughter didn't cause you any trouble
Her: she was pretty irritating but she is so cute that I don't mind, she makes me laugh
Her: And you? How was your meeting?
Me: I received a call at around 10:30, which woke me up. I prep myself to seem pretty awake like if I was awake since 8 a.m for the client to end up telling me on the phone "Have I woke you up" 🤦|♂️ I was like no no I'm good. So she had call to tell me she wanted to reschedule the meeting. I was so happy, the gods are with me! I was like time to go back to sleep 😁
Her: Ok ! That's fun (I was like what a fucking lame answer is that?)
Me: so what are you planning to do today
Her: I'm having a mother-daughter time but I will get back home soon. Some friends invited me to hangout around 6:30 but I'm really tired so I think I will pass. I think instead I will go jogging then watch something on Netflix.
Her: And you?
Me: Mmm since the weather is so great I cannot pass on playing tennis, then I think I will go have a beer at a terrace with a friend. Finally I will end up my day as a couch potato in from of the tv.
Her: Cool ! We have to play tennis soon even if I suck 😕
Me: Sure, with pleasure! You gonna be my Sharapova but better 😉
Her: LOL ! We will see 😉


She is doing telemarketing as a job so I texted her:

Me: Have a great calling session😁
Her: Thanks, Patrick ! 👍 ( I was like why is she so formal) ( I'm thinking maybe she is like that cuz we work together and she doesn't want to be disrespectful and make it an awkward environment)

So I'm wondering tomorrow should I initiate the conversation again or wait for her? Like I believe I have lost value so I have to be the iniator to regain value. What do you guys think?