Picked up a 24 year old in a bar...next step advice

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  1. Picked up a 24 year old in a bar...next step advice

    Hi all,

    So I have been seriously out of the game for a while. Had my confidence knocked and been working hard and buying my first property.

    So I was pretty pleased with myself for picking up this 24 year stunning blonde and spending the night at her place last night.

    We were both super trashed on a night out with friends, but made a b line for each other in the bar and ended up being all over each other.

    Thing is in the morning she asked how old I was, I made her guess, she thought I was 28 (I do luckily look pretty young)...I'm 36 and she seemed to be a bit disappointed. Is this just a shit test? I made a joke of it and it came off pretty well had her laughing and claiming to have 'daddy issues' haha.

    I've not messaged her yet, but I was thinking of just come call back humour and work it towards setting up a date. Maybe as I am older and she is a student I step it up and take her to a nice restaurant or cool bar as she won't be that used to that sort of place?

    Probably overthinking it. Sex was way to drunken so not sure I hooked her in and that's on my mind.

    Any advice appreciated as I love Scandinavian chicks!

  2. I messaged her a bit last night and was just a bit of back and forth banter. Not set anything up. Thought again and thinking it may be better to just hit her up for drinks where logistics are good, rather than do anything different for this girl. I think I'm a bit thrown as we were both pretty drunk so I fear buyer's remorse from her.

    Anyone got any thoughts? Would be appreciated

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    treat it as any other girl

    age is not an issue (as u proved)

  4. So she's got exams so not available to meet up. Not spoken for 3-4 days but we were texting a little tonight and here's how it went...feel I was too keen with this one and it shows. She's not replied yet and it feels a bit like she'll give me the run around?

    Me - Hey! How's my favourite Swedish student in London? Being diligent?
    Her - no idea what that means but I'm sure that I'm it...had an exam today and nailed it
    Me - Clearly diligent then! More exams to come?
    Her - Yep, thursday
    Me - so are we celebrating sat or sunday early evening?
    Her - I'm going to X event on Saturday, so may be very hungover...if not Sunday
    Me - (in joke/question about event) That's what Sunday's are for! let's pencil it in, maybe food to sooth both our antics the night before. I'll think of a good place.

    Is this poor/ok text game?!

    Bit of a sticking point for me

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    Random observations:

    - I think you're coming on a bit too strong. Her first response "no idea what that means but I'm sure that I'm it" to me signals that she's not being receptive to your banter, so you should have toned it down immediately. Additionally, you're overusing exclamation points. I know it sounds nit-picky, but it makes you sound like you're just falling over yourself to see her again.

    - Instead of telling her you'll think of a good place, tantalize her with something specific. I.E. "I know the best sushi place in town if you're keen for some mouth-watering california rolls". Turn ON her senses.

    Good luck

  6. Thanks, yes I see what you mean. I use the exclamation marks to be a bit high energy and to keep it light, rather than show keenness, but I guess it could come across like that.

    She's gone super cold though. I text her on Sunday and suggested that we catch up in the week offering Tuesday or Thursday for drinks as it felt like she was going to flake on me.

    Backfired a bit and no reply...not sure what to do now. Don't really want to chase it up and look super keen but equally would like to see her again.

    What's a good way to follow it up and not come across as a chump chasing? Ignore the flakiness and ignoring messages or just ask again?

    Or is this a case of let her go? So frustrating

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