Anyone have experienced the same thing

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    Anyone have experienced the same thing

    The girl I'm dating for about 6 months and I have kept text conversation going all week long. In the middle of week she invited me to a dinner with her and go see drive-in movies. The dinner was great and we had a great time at the movies. We made out a lot and even at some point she said I love you and I said me too. But since we only see each other once a week I knew she wanted to have sex. I also knew that it had to be done in the car cuz we both live in our parents house. I wasn't aroused enough so I couldn't get it up. She even tried to masturbate me but it didn't aroused me. I don't understand cuz when I watch porn I get hard pretty quick. She told me "maybe you should tell me what gets you horny so it will make things easier between us" but the problem is that since I haven't had enough intercourses I don't even know what turns me on. When I used to think about myself with girls I thought I would get hard pretty easily. I thought just the fact of undressing each other would get me aroused cuz I would know what's coming. But it's looks like I'm not a robot and I can't get it up at will. I felt really bad to see my girlfriend put back her panties with disappointment cuz I couldn't satisfy her.

    I don't know what to do, any suggestions guys? Are you guys able to do it by will? Is there anything I could do to get it up quicker?

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    let her blow you when u are get hard you pull out and get in.Probably it might be the environment (a car might not be ideal for a newbie )find a hotel.wear two condoms on your dik to protect your self and enjoy.

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