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  1. Tonight I went out. It wasn't the typical game night but it totally improved my understanding of social dynamics.

    I was feeling chill and reading Eckhart Tolle, and I just went out in a good vibe. I walked up to the bar and there were two guys chillin and I started talking to them. I was so chill from meditating that I didn't even care. Call it comfort zone, call it anything, I felt game was too intense and I just wanted to melt into the scene. I was chillin with these guys and we became good friends for bar standards. I kept an eye out for girls and I had this idea from reading field reports earlier. Basically, the idea is that you TRY to get blown out by not giving a f*ck, and so you are just a self-amusing guy. I tried this but it backfired; the girl gave me this nuclear Sh*t test and it WAS REAL AS F*CK. THIS GIRL SENSED MY GAME AND CALLED ME OUT SUBTLY. The thing was that I was TRYING. I realized from watching girls tonight that they go out for the same reasons guys do. They want a good night, they want to hang out with friends, they want to meet someone from the opposite sex, and maybe they f*ck. When I realized this I didn't feel the urge to just open sets. I didn't want to be that creepy guy who just approaches girls with new tactics and overwhelms them. I wanted to seamlessly blend in with the night. At times I got self amused, and yes at times I approached. Keep in mind I LIVE IN A SMALL TOWN, so it's not like I have an abundance of girls. I saw a girl who looked close to my type so I approached her, NATURALLY. Yes I self-amused, but I was into her vibe and she could tell that I was legimately into her. I pretty much said, "You got this high energy vibe going on, you got red on your glasses, you're in athletic wear, you're like going to run a marathon." And IT FELT NATURAL. I saw her later and was able to self-amuse a bit and got a high five. I'll admit that I was so chill that I was unwilling to open sets like usual, but I was going with this natural vibe. I self-amused/amused the bartender a bit by giving her compliments on her social skills; I noticed she was putting up with guys hitting on her left and right and she was telling them she had a boyfriend so I yelled out, "I have a boyfriend too, his name is Samantha." And she was INTO ME, at least I was on her radar in a good way. I played it cool and talked to her from a social dynamic standpoint, like saying she could negotiate business deals with her social skills. Honestly I was going about this whole night with a chill, real, natural vibe. I was not trying to "open sets" and game. I even gave my guy friends some valuable Eckhart Tolle advice on how to control their negative emotions.

    I'm still not sure what to make of this night. It wasn't a complete failure by game standards because I opened a couple sets and worked the bartender a bit, but I was not TRYING. I could've TRIED and come from a place of low value and, who knows what would've happened. Granted, it's a Sunday night in a small town so my options were LIMITED. I was taken back to my old days where once I said to a girl, "Excuse me, is it cool if I buy you a drink and talk to you a little bit?" Because honestly, what more is there to say? These girls are here for the same reasons you are, and you would be creeped out by some nervous girl with no social calibration.

    I'm pretty drunk, and I have to think about this more. But I learned a lot tonight about social dynamics, and I got some reference experiences. I feel like a noob where I try new things every night and I'm not sure if I hit upon the right path. I guess you could say I learned a lot about calibration. I will chalk this night up as a positive.

  2. Well gents, I had another record night.

    I've been listening to Robert Greene's The Art of Seduction on Youtube and it's interesting. One thing it does is go over personality types, which I found useful because I've been torn between RSD Alex, Julian, Todd, and whoever. I realized I relate A LOT to the Dandy personality type, and it made me more confident in myself since I was told my natural personality could be seductive. I also warmed up on online dating before I went out.

    I opened a few minor sets tonight, which was nice. I'm a much "cooler guy" since when I started; not that I'm much different internally, but I have enough reference experiences to do alright in the field. I was helped in this by spending a lot of time with family from out of town and practicing social skills with them. I was all over the place tonight, but I had two major "sets" that defined the night.

    First one I was walking to the bar and I saw my friend from last night out and he's talking a few hot British chicks. Naturally I step in, and it's on. We're flirting, they're playing with my clothes, I'm talking in a British accent, and we walk to the bar, then we all split up. I go to another bar and see one of them there; she's with a couple guys but she turns her body towards me and is really into me, but I called her by her friends' name so she wouldn't give me her number. The guys were mixed-one was nice enough but he was really friendly towards me and didn't have much game; the other (who I'll call guy#2) didn't have much game either but he was chodey and acting butthurt since the girl was into me. Anyway, I leave and run into the rest of the group outside. I flirt with the one and the friends leave us alone, but then guy#2 comes up and is like "this is my girlfriend," but the girl is liek wtf. So we're talking and she's being nice to him but she's into me, and he's like holding her hand and being clingy; it's obvious they had a thing but he has no game and she's prefering me. They go inside but I get her number and I pull the Julian by saying, "give me your number, I'll message you later.

    So later on there's a conflict I'm involved in and I see the British chicks leaving with no guys, but I decide to stay where I'm at. I go inside and it turns out they were with this camp and the whole camp is like out dancing at this bar so I dance and talk to one a little bit. I see guy#2 again and I know his "girl' left without him so I f*ck with him and say hi and he acts liek a chode so I lightly drag my finger down his back like he was a chick just to f*ck with him and self-amuse; I've never dealt with competition like this before so I'm just putting it down for the record. Anway I keep dancing and having a blast. I'm just self-amusing and feeling myself so my dance moves are good even though they probably suck.

    The second major set of the night was this hot chick and her friend I opened at the bar and my game was good. I was talking and flirting and negging and really just conversing without any newbie quirks-ok, I should've been more physical but it wasn't that bad. Anyway I get her number with the Julian quote and leave, it's still early in the night so I want to move around and I could always text them later. Later on I see this hot chick getting into a fight with a guy and I step in and help break it up and it's dramatic. The guys leave and I'm with this girl and her friend calming her down. The guys come back and it escalates and I pick the girl up and carry her across the street because she's fiesty and escalating the fight. Two of the guys come up to us and one pushes me away and the second guy hits her and then all these people rush up and break up the fight. The hot girl walks off in an emotional fit and I follow her and calm her down, then we come back and talk to the cops. Her phone was stolen so I actually borrow a pen from a cop and write my name and number on this card I have and give it to the girls "in case they need anything." I hope to f*ck her with hero status. So then I go back into the bar where I dance with the camp girls, and eventually I leave.

    Cons-I could work on physical escalation, I should remember names, and I could always open more girls. I could've opened a lot more than I did.

    Pros-I got the number request down, and I think I handled my first competition and first fight alright (I didn't actually fight and I try to avoid violence, but there was a girl involved so I had to step in somehow). I was also working on my vocal tonality after watching RSD Jeffy's new video and I have to say it WORKS. I spent the last couple days practing a "breaking rapport" tone of voice and it paid off tonight, making me more masculine and dominant. I also worked on leading, which helped a lot too. I'm getting into a more masculine frame when I go out.

    I'm gonna reflect on tonight and see how that goes, and Ill keep you guys updated.

  3. I had a quiet night tonight. It's Sunday in a small town, so there's not much to expect.

    I had a rough day at work so I was worrying about going out, but I didn't do that bad. As soon as I got home I knew I wanted to go out so I watched some RSD, messaged some girls on online dating, and got warmed up. I went out and I was clicking already, I have this warm-up routine where I do sh*t on the way to the bar-tonight I skipped for a little bit and talked out loud.

    I get to the bar and it was dead. I had an interesting night but I'll spare you the platonic details and talk about the couple sets I had.

    1.) A couple cute girls at the bar, I walk in and they're with some guys. Eventually the guy I'm with opens them and he's being outrageous and over gaming. I step in and over game too because I'm a noob, basically saying dumb shit. Then I realize I'm being dumb so I back off (this is were calibration kicked in, thank god). I reopen a little later and I'm cool this time, just talking normally, but this girl I was platonically with was a b*tch and got really dramatic until the girls boyfriend came. Long story short I dropped the set. Ok, long story-I met this crew and they were cool at first but they started getting hostile and almost got in a fight. There's a lot of trashy people in this town, sorry I probably woudln't say that to their face, but this is my private journal that I happen to post online.

    2.) A girl smoking outside. I open her casually, but I drop an emotional spike by saying "I hate..." and she laughs and gets interested, but then I go back to flat-line basic conversation. We talk and she's interesting, but she finishes her cigarette and goes inside. I tell her it was nice talking to her, and she says "you too, man." I noticed I get called "man" a lot more since I started "gaming," so I've definitely improved even if I don't exactly know how. What I learned from this set is that I could be more physical; my gut told me to hug her at one point but I pussed out. I also should've ran with the emotional spike a lot more. One sticking point I wanted to get over was approaching girls as normal people. I can talk to guys no problem, but when I talked to girls I would get nervous and over game and be weird. With this set I was able to have a normal conversation, but it was TOO NORMAL. It's good that I opened her as a cool guy, but I need to work on emotional spikes and flirting. I also didn't have a wingman maybe that's one reason I wasn't as flirty as my last night out.

    I'm glad I went out tonight, because even though it was dead I got some reference experiences. I learned that you could always open a set if you're cool and casual, but if you want the set to be sexual you have to do something else. I know from former experiences that you have to be fun, self-amusing, and spike emotions, but for some reason I wasn't doing that as much tonight. I'm more conscious of it now, so in the future I'll try to be more dynamic. In fact, I should try to be more dynamic in ALL my interactions, with family, guys, AND girls. This has been a sticking point for me for a few nights now-getting over the "nice guy" facade. It is a facade, because it's based on fear of rejection and not the real me. I've done it before, but I haven't been able to isolate the problem. Hopefully I have another breakthrough soon where I can consistently approach girls and establish a sexual, man to woman frame.

  4. I didn't go out tonight, but it was a conscious strategic decision so I'm gonna write down what I've been learning, practicing during the day, etc.

    My buddies that I met a week ago didn't respond to my texts when I asked them to go out tonight, and I really didn't feel like going out solo and starting from scratch. I also feel like I'm chasing a high with game, liek I approach girls and try to improve and I'm doing it more out of habit than naturally wanting to game. So I decided to take a night off and see how I feel tomorrow, hoping I'll be rejuvenated.

    I watched a lot of RSD on spiking emotions and projecting masculinity, and I have to say it works as far as I've tested it at work and with cashiers. I decided I would just "go against the current" in a conversation and disagree with the person I was speaking with. I also tried spiking emotions with strong statements like "I hate.." I told a cashier that my day was terrible and I hate Tuesdays, and she laughed and was into it.

    The lesson I learned was not about how girls reacted, but how it fed into my game; I was emotionally more invested in the conversations, I felt more alive and was more animated, I was even happy and spreading positive vibes just because I was putting emotion into it, it didn't even matter that I was telling people I hate stuff or love stuff, just having emotion made me happy. It also made me more masculine; I realized I could say what fucking ever I want and girls won't care, in fact THEY LIKE IT. I subtly unleashed this surge of masculine energy inside me, and within a day it became a lot easier to spike emotions with people, to challenge girls, to really multiply the ranges of my personality. I went to the store and was playfully giving the cashier shit, and she later told my family what A NICE GUY I was. I wasn't being a "nice guy," I'll tell you that, but she liked that I was spiking emotions and challenging her, and generally setting my own frame. I was being MASCULINE and she liked it and saw promise in me, or something.

    I was looking forward to trying this out in the field, but like I said I stayed in tonight. I'll leave you with a couple RSD links that helped me itch this sticking point.

    This one helped a lot:

    This one helped A LOT. Juilen is really the pro when it comes to emotional spikes:

  5. I went out tonight. It was probably my weakest night since my first night out, but overall I think my game is still improving, and it has more to do with my lifestyle than just night game.

    I went to this bar and met a few guys which was cool. I go inside and sit down and there was at least one group I could've opened but I didn't. I felt like my tone of voice would come off as weak and I didn't want to get blown out again, so I didn't open. The blowout from a couple weeks ago is still haunting me, but it might also be the fact that the girls were not that attractive, I don't know. What I learned from the guys I talked to though is that I can create the vibe of an interaction; I was being weird at one point because I was out solo and having to meet people, and this infected the interaction. I realized that if I just go along with MY flow, and talk and whatever, I can contribute to the interaction. But if I'm weird, then other people will think I'm weird. It sounds really obvious but it's easy to miss if you are insecure for any reason.

    I go to another bar and see a hot girl sitting by herself, THIS I can't pass up. I walk up to her and put my hand on the bar and ask really fucking cool-like, "are you lonely?" It turns out the bartender was her boyfriend, but I was confident and projected value and a 'hot guy blase," which means you don't really care about her reaction. On my walk home I opened a couple middle aged people and had a positive interaction with them; this reinforced my realization that I can create the vibe of the interaction; in fact, I approached them with the mindset that I would have a social, valuable interaction.

    So my lessons from tonight are that I can create the vibe of my interactions, and I will watch RSD videos on this, because they sometimes talk about being the "creator," which essentially means you create the social frame. My set list tonight is WEAK, but I did have the balls to approach a hot girl; in fact, I was 100% cool and confident with approaching a hot girl. I live in a small town with lots of unattractive people, so maybe my game is hindered by the fact that a lot of girls here are unarousing, or maybe I was confident because she was by herself. BUT I HAVE THE BALLS TO APROACH HOT WOMEN WITH CONFIDENCE.

    I remembered how much trouble I had in the beginning of introducing myself to guys, but now I can do it with ease. I'm starting to realize I can approach girls in a similar way...I still have this sticking point of opening all girls. If they're average looking or in groups or something, I have a lot of trouble. I still need to work on something here.

    Anyway, I've also been gaming during the day, somewhat. My online messaging has improved, but I'm having trouble with dates, partly because there's only a few girls online in this small town, and they're mostly ugly. But I've also been A LOT better with cashiers, and I even really flirted with this waitress at a restaurant I'm a regular at; it was a full on set and I saw her a second time and gamed her again. I might be able to pull this girl. But yeah, I've been much more animated in my everyday interactions, and I'm getting better at negging/spiking emotions. I actually think I could benefit from cold-approaching during the day. I will have to go to the outlets near me and try it, hopefully I will have the balls.

    Anyway, my game is improving slowly at the moment. I am getting better during the day, and that may be because I don't have friends or wings to game at night with; it's not easy going out solo all the time. In fact, I've been going on meetup and am looking for real male friends to make this journey with. I'm glad I went out tonight, because even though it was weak I managed to improve my game, even if it's only by 1%.

  6. I had an awesome as fuck night. I met a wingman through he does a cool group about masculinity and self improvment. I told him I was into pickup and he did a seminar with Julien and knew RSD. So we went out and RAN GAME. I've never approached so much in my life. It made a hudge difference having a wing man who was into pick up. We live in a small town and we ran the whole fucking town, talking to just about everyone who was out. He was good at opening, it worked every time. Then I came in with self-amusement and sustainability. He opened which was great, then I kept the interaction goiing and we complimented each other this way. We hit on the hottest girls who were out and it was great. We went out there and explored the social world and got into the dynamics and everything. There were a couple sets we had going and I wanted to pursue, but while I was interacting he tapped my shoulder and wanted to eject so I did. I gave him some advice about word asssociation and how to keep the momentum going in set. It did wonders for my game, in terms of knowing my strengths, which are a lot. I can keep an interaction going and self amuse like a mother fucker. I coud work on opening but i was asking him, and his openers were very simple. He told me he approached with an open mind and said something relevant to the set. He also got me started with warming up. By the end of the night I was overtaking him in terms of persistance in-set, but I could'nt have done it without his opening and momentum abilities. He was good at leaving a set when it died down, and with opening new sets to keep momentum going; this was somethign I never focused on before and it would've taken me eons to learn. So it was good. We also talked a lot about masculinity and self-improvement which was good. I got my game fix tonight for sure and won't even read tonight.

    I also had a daygame set the other day which went well, and I tried some text game on her cause I got her number and wanted to date her and it didn't pan out well, and I'm starting to see why. I did ok but after tonight i have so much abundance....honestly game is about approaching and working your talents and when you open a lot of girls and prove yourself then you have abundance; you don't need to get laid a lot, you just need to know that you can approach anyone and talk and be social, and then you have your pick.Again, he needs to work on persistance and keeping a set going, but i need to open better so we can both improve. But we ran shit and that was awesome. Totally good night.

    I'm not sure if I'll go out solo again, it's too difficult that way. But I'll see. I had a good night and learned a lot about my skills and weaknesses. Good night and cheers.

  7. So, based on your previous posts and experiences I think that you are the kind of "aPUA" which likes direct openers (you open the set immediately notifying the girl you have attraction towards her) . Since she knows your motives, you should bounce in a few "negs" to make her feel as the underdog and to increase your value to her. Be playful and all but dont be a d*ckhead. If you run into an "AMOG" of the group just try to gain his confidence first and guess what: You're the next group "AMOG"! Since we have a similar style I'll show you how my sets go:

    1. Doesn't care if she's in a 2-set or anything because 5+ girls are always in some kind of a group. Just approach them and try for once the indirect opener. Talk to the girl you are not interested in and shut out the girl you really want. (Don't turn your back towards her but at least don't let her see more of your face then your profile.) Now, she's either quiet or trying to get in on the convo so now is the time to throw a "neg". Say something like "Is she always like this?" (From the Game e-book).

    2. Once you are the "AMOG" of the group, change your body language gradually and strike up a convo with her.

    3. Throw in a few more "negs" (I really like negs so I do them a lot &#128513 but no more than 3-4 in total. If you do you're just another "AFC" or douche.

    Try to gain some confidence with these steps and after that I'll instruct you further if you want to try this. Be sure to let me know how it goes.

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