When role playing doesnt take the right direction

So here it goes,

Me: We need to talk....I think I'm pregnant
Her: I can do your abortion if you want
Me: I think you would make a great milf
Her: I think we don't have the same vision of life, me being a mom at 23 is impossible
Me: ok, no choice I will raise this child alone. I will be the best single parent in the world
Her: I can be there for the childbirth if you want but after that I'm gone
Me: no, I don't think it's a good idea it would make the split-up harder for the child and myself
Her: ok, you make things easier for me, your the greatest guy ever 😁
Me: anyways I didn't know that you were so heartless, I will find myself a great mom for my child who will raise him as her own
Her: hahaha I know I'm heartless for those kind of stuff, good luck for finding the right one and next time be careful of not getting pregnant again

So that's how it ended, should I text back something?
Did I do good?
Should I have played differently? If so how would you have played it?