Guys Please some help someone help me!!!

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    Guys Please some help someone help me!!!

    Whats up yallll

    first things first, i have been gaming for about 3 years now, since i first got to know about the game and all i have done and got some pretty impressive results and was able to sleep with more than 20 girls during that time. It has been such a journey for me!

    Anyways at one point i got really bored from getting laid with girls that i just met, at first; sleeping with a girl you just met or you just recently got to know from cold approach at the mall felt really good and satisfying for both my needs to have sex, and my needs to see results.

    So, i decided to launch a search for my new gf cause i wanted to have LOVE not SEX. So i went out there and i got me a fucking dime, she is the best gf i ever had, always spoils me, loyal as fuck, smart and funny, and fucks me like no tomorrow, we met at the mall by my house, and now we have been dating for over 10 months....

    Now is the hard part to explain:

    things between her and i got really serious and we have been talking marriage and shit, and how her father wants to see her married in max of 2 years (she'll be 22 and i'll be 25) because he is very sick and has cancer and basically about to pass away and wants to see his daughter married and shit..

    So i am so not fucking ready for this shit, and i don't wanna get married and all.

    Now i'm seeking from you players out there to give me a way or a plan on how can i break up with her... Please don't tell me just tell her we are going to break up.. She really really loves me and its going to break her heart but it has to be done i guess because i need to move on. I have been thinking she may fuck up and maybe catch her with a guy or some shit or talking to a guy or something and i would use that excuse, but this girl is so in love with me i am very sure she won't do anything like that or anything i don't like for ages.

    SO PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME!! HOW CAN I DO THIS?? :cry: :cry: :cry:

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    Then why have you been talking about marriage and stuff with her if you don't want that at all? Seems like a pretty dumb move to me.

    Don't ask here for ways to break up with someone discreetly because you don't have the balls to go through it. If you're not happy with someone then you break up with them and deal with the emotion that comes with that. That's part of being a man. You're breaking up with her ultimately because you can't give her what she wants. It will hurt her of course, but in the long term it'd hurt her more if you didn't want all that and she found out later down the line.

    But you gotta suck it up and do it. The suggestion of trying to find her with someone else is just insanely weak of you.
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  3. We help you get the girl bro...breaking up is all you. It's hard, it sux, but it's all you - coz you the one who knows her.

    I'd say don't do it. Tell her what you just told us; that you still love her but aren't comfortable with getting married, you too young and still wanna live life before getting tied down. Coz right'll be getting married for her Dad, not for you. And that's never a good reason to get married

  4. Grow a pair of balls and be a man, just tell her that's not what your looking for, just be honest.... and go from there.

    So, what happened with your situation?

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