Need advice on HB 9

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    Need advice on HB 9

    I met this girl at a bar 6 months ago, she was very drunk and we made out almost immediately after meeting eyes. She is a legitimate ny or california 9 many would say 10 but I try to be as objective as possible haha. I hung out with her for about 30 minutes, made out a bit more outside just the two of us should have gone home with her to be honest but she was actually with a group of guys and girls and ended up leaving with them, I could have been more alpha about the situation but wasn't very confident since had been out of the game for a Long time.

    Last Thursday I saw her sitting down outside the bar/restauraunt alone and went up to her. Luckily I knew her name, I didn't expect her to remember me but she was clearly interested in me (I am considered a very good looking guy) and asked me why I didn't get her number?

    I asked to sit down but she said she was about to be on a date but that it wasn't that serious and that I should take her number. I texted her a couple hours later "my name from x bar) 3 days later asked how her weekend was but no reply? What do you think the deal is here? She was definitely attracted to me when I was talking to her the second time and wasn't drunk. I know I could close her if we ran into each other in bar atmosphere again

    I feel that whatever say on texts comes across as insecure. I feel if I text a girl a couple times a week that is needy, but my roomie says that there are lames literally texting them every single day. When texting super attractive girls is it better to wait longer amounts of time, like just get there number and randomly ask them to do something a couple/few weeks later?

  2. Need advice on HB 9

    Probably she's not interested ! maybe she tried to be nice in the 2nd time or wanted to ask her for her # then ignore you.
    Forgot about her and find another

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  3. Possibly she is not interested in phone-chit-chat. Just ask her out soon. You want her to still be able to remember/feel the (possible) attraction she had when she asked you to take her number. If she does not respond, her loss. No need to write several text messages I'd say.

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    So I did give up on her and then on Sunday night she randomly tested me "hey what's up" I responded that I was driving back from xy and wbu. I got no response haha should I wait a while or send follow up text soon asking out? I'm actually very confident that if I can get meet up random or set up will go well

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