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  1. Joined A While Back..

    Hi from Noc,

    I joined a while back and been failing poorly at this area of my life, dating, for years. I've mercilessly offended many people on the path to self-discovery, embracing my shadow so to speak and all for this? I've literally disentangled all my social circle, become a social recluse and a drunk on nights out.

    I chose to come back to the forums after getting an email saying happy birthday for my 35th birthday and saying something like "You're not getting any younger." Obviously, this was 'sticky' enough to grab my full attention and realise that maybe I've been taking the wrong advice, applying the wrong ways of thinking and doing things that work to the point where I've made a big ball of mess for myself.

    I'm literally at rock bottom and can't go any further down the rabbit hole. Sorry if that was too cliche, I'm still grateful for what I have and the people who've stood by me.

    Some of my real sticking points are 1) Totally Uncalibrated Communication, 2) Poor Inner Game, 3) Keep repeating the same mistakes, 4) Talk about myself too much, 5) Insecure and come off as needy (I'm probably not as needy as people think I am), 6) Very Poor Body Language.

    I could probably draw this out further but those are some of the things I know for sure without confabulating the total waste of space I am. In my mind I'm the best thing I could possibly be for any woman. In reality that doesn't match anywhere near my delusion.

    Just wanted to drop in and leave this here as a statement to say I've tried doing things my way and they don't work. In all honesty, I don't think I'll ever get this stuff to work and I'm posting this in vain, but for the benefit of the doubt maybe I could be less skeptical, less cynical and attempt to resolve my situation without being a total asshole about it.

    Hopefully, I will regain some of the integrity of manhood by posting here.

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    sure bro.what kind of game did you learn old school or natural game ?

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