Everyday conversation has it to be boring

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    Everyday conversation has it to be boring

    Hi guys,

    There is a lot of my friends that have told me that to keep a girl you should text her everyday. I didn't agree because I tought it was good to play the law of scarcity. I have been dating a girl for 6 months, and now we have talked about getting into a relationship. The only concern she mentionned was that, its was not normal for us to not talk for days. She gave example by saying last week we talk on monday then you texted me only on thursday. I think she is right, but here is my problem how do you guys make everyday text not monotonous or repetitive. When we started it was kind of fun time and I believe easy, because we were starting to know each other so there was always something to say or something to discover. This forum really help me to build attraction, comfort, etc...I feel like I have reach the goal of texting which is getting to know the girl, setting up meetings and finally get the girl. But now I'm like how do I keep my text enough fun to not lose attraction. Here is an example of a text conversation we had yesterday, which I believe was pretty boring.

    It started by a snapchat of her showing a jar of candy half full cuz she had ated all.

    Me: Haha Kath the sweet tooth!
    Her: Hahaha
    Me: So how was your day, did your boss give you anything interesting to do today?
    Her: lol no ! This morning I had a meeting with the tutor, so that took some of my time away and then this afternoon I did nothing lol! I went to eat lunch at around 1:30 and after the boss was busy with the other interns..so I really had nothing to do.
    Her: But tomorow its going to be better, in the morning we have a training on investment products and in the afternoon I have a meeting with a client with one of the financial advisors.
    Me: Oh I believe that this is really good for your training. There is nothing better then being in the field
    Her: Yeah! and its even me who cold called the client, so its cool
    Her: And you how was your day?
    Me: Pretty good, my first client gave me his brother as referal and in the afternoon I was able to sign a new client, so I'm happy
    Me: The meeting you have with the financial advisor is it early in the evening or later?
    Her: Ha yeah I'm happy for you (That text from her I take it as BORING!!!)
    Her: The meeting is supposed to be later in the evening
    Me: I told myself, that if it was at least later in the evening you could of had a break of cold calls
    Me: I guess you didn't have many questions for the tutor this morning (I tried to change subject and see if it could finally bring something fun eventually)
    Her: Hahahah no I will be back right on time to make my calls
    Her: Yeah not really, hahaha! I have to finish the last book for next tuesday and after I will be done with all the books
    Me: Wow it went pretty quick! After are you suppose to directly do the exams or they will give you sometime to review all the books?
    Her: I don't know he didn't say anything! But I would like to have at least 1 week to review everything because its been a while since the first book, I think it was in march. I would like to review some of the theories related to stocks
    Me: Hahaha yeah I remeber those
    Her: Yeah , I have to go in the shower and go to sleep! Good night xx
    Me: Good night! Now don't you dare have filthy dreams about me! (I think at least I finished with a somehow high note with a canned material)
    Her: HAHAHA! no promess come on! I don't make those kind of dreams

    Now, today I'm thinking about opening by: So how was your meeting this afternoon?
    But I'm scared this is gonna make another boring conversation

    Help guys!

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    You're panicking too much. Chill out and just be normal. Talk normally, have fun, tease. Whatever.

    You've built something over 6 months that isn't just randomly going to dissipate because you're not "maintaining attraction" or whatever game crap you think is the case.

    The bottom line here, regardless of when you text her, is that you're still playing games. You're still treating all this as strategy. You've not yet given it up and just being a fully normal human being with her. When you do that, everything will be much easier and less stressful in your head.
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