Living together with a female friend

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  1. Living together with a female friend

    Hi! I was wondering if I could get some advice on my current situation.

    Right now I am in college and sharing an apartment with a female friend. Recently she slept with a guy and I find myself being kinda upset for no real reason. At first I thought that I might wanted the girl for myself but after thinking about it for some time I concluded that I donīt really see her as gf material. We share things sometimes and I found out she has been a bit of a slut before we met. Since the end of last summer she has slept with a few dudes I know and it did not bother me in the slightest. But now that we live together it feels really weird.

    So yeah what are your thoughts? Do you think she would move out if I started sleeping around with a bunch of people? Would not really want that as I would have to move back in with my parents again; because of my financial situation.

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    Maybe because you've been living together you've developed a sort of sibling mentality. If someone is sleeping with your sister under the same roof that's bound to be weird. So if could be that. Alternatively it could be you want to sleep with her yourself. You said she's not gf material but thats very different from rooting material. And so other guys sleeping with her when you're physically close to her (as in, you're living with her) might be making you feel weird.

    In regards to her opinion on you sleeping around, as long as you're not being a dick about it and rubbing in her face that you're sleeping with other women, I don't see the issue. She clearly doesn't have a problem with it, and neither should you. If you think it's going to cause a problem just bring it up in conversation with no valence or anything just drop 'how would you feel if I started bringing girls around.' Or something to that extent. She doesn't really have a leg to stand on because she's done the same to you? It's honestly all about how you shape your reality. If you're sleeping with girls and expecting her to get 'weird' about it, then the way you act around her will display this. Instead just act like it's something normal, don't draw attention to it and be confident and natural.
    Let me know how you go!
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    What are you asking? We can't tell you how you should feel

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