Am i a Sargaholic? is that even bad?

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  1. Am i a Sargaholic? is that even bad?

    So I've been using Magic Bullets, this forum and the Love Triad as my basis for appraoching, interesting and seducing women for about a year now. Last year it was great, got outa my social anxiety and into some beautiful LTR and dating experiences. This year however...I seem to be struggling abit

    So I can consistently approach, attract, qualify myself, get the number and even build a steady rate of comfort. Sarging is fun and I do it on the regular here on campus (soooooo many beautiful girls, OMG). The problem seems to be with my "Day2" and seduction attempts after the first meetup. I'm a college student who lives and eats at the dininghall and my female friends say that I have way to many female friends, that I'm always having lunch/supper with a different girl, that it's a "fuckboy" tendancy that's de-tracting women rather than attracting them.

    I currently have 4 girls I'm seeing and working towards seducing (80% sure they want me too). 3 of them eat at my dininghall... (why? coz logistics are perfect, my room is on campus guys)

    Is this true? Could my friendly approach and popluarity amongst the girls here actually be the reason why I'm struggling to get a girlfriend?
    Is being a sargaholic bad and if so, should I start visibly focussing my efforts on 1 girl? I don't wanna get one-itis...nor do I want the girls I desire to be de-tracted to me coz I'm displaying "fuckboy" tendancies...

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    For some it might be, for others it won't be. I wouldn't worry about it until it starts really hurting your results, if that ever actually happens.

    Also, what will do more for you than anything else is to talk normally. 'day 2', you mean dates. Sarging.....just drop that all together.

    "One-Itis" what do you even mean by that. Are you allergic to the idea of actually liking the women you meet?
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