Please give your 2 cents on this situation

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  1. Please give your 2 cents on this situation

    Aiit, please help me out. The post isnt as long as you might think since its easy as hell to read.
    I would be so gratefull for your 2 cents.

    > The girl and i work part time at the same place.
    > Worked with her like 4 times the last year so i dont see her often.
    > I trained her so i know her little bit
    > She opened up really fast and talked about past releationships and shit
    > Messages me on facebook and asks if i can take her shift
    > I message back and try to start a conversation
    > Conversation go back and forth for some days
    > Suddenly she goes quiet
    > Six days later she replies and apologises for not doing it sooner
    > Conversation escalates and i am sure she wants to meet
    > Before i can ask her out i randomly meet her at club
    > We really hit it off and she is almost a little too interested since we havent really talked that much
    > We make out
    > Go to an afterparty
    > Make out some more
    > Share a taxi home and exchange numbers

    > Next day she texts me asking what im doing and that shes leaving for easter holiday.
    > Reply that im meeting her
    > Spend the day going from bar to bar
    > Since she is so into me i do open up alot more than i should
    > Talk about ex'es and emotional stuff
    > Feels so natural that i dont care about «pick up rules»
    > I do a pretty sick and disgusting practical joke
    > Dont think she liked it
    > Whatever

    > After dinner she invites me to her place
    > She wants the D
    > We have shitty drunk sex, with me really underpreforming
    > She asks me to go down on her
    > I oblige and lick that cave clean
    > Ah yiss!

    > Next morning i have a early work meeting
    > She tells me to drop the meetin and stay
    > I go anyway
    > Text her after and asks if she wants coffe? Its still really early
    > «Yessss!!!!!»
    > Go back
    > Hang out, make out some more
    > Conversation is not great but ok
    > She invites me to accompany her to the city because she buying some stupid pants
    > I decline, but follow her a little bit of the way

    > Saying goodbye
    > I gofor the hug
    > She goes for the kiss
    > Make out
    > She tells me «We should meet when she comes back»
    > Sure

    > Go home
    > Get text
    > «Ahhh im still hungover and being in the city is boring. We shoulda stayed at home and Netflix and chilled some more»

    > Shes going to be away for a week
    > Day after she left i text her
    > «Hey, can you please keep a secret?»
    > She replies within a minute
    > «Heeeeeyyy, sure »
    > Tell her «I met this cute girl this weekend, her name is 'her name'. Just a shame she had such a fat ass». (inisde joke, no reason to believe she would be offended)
    > She laughs and we text some more
    > Goodnight

    > No more texts
    > 6 days goes past
    > Start to worry a little bit
    > Drunkenly text her 2.30 AM
    > «Hey, its sunday and when its sunday you should do XYZ, ive done XY. How many things have you done?»
    > She replies 17.30 PM with only a «Hahahahaha »

    > Dont really want to reply that shitty message
    > Female roomate insist that i reply so i dont give off the signal that i only care about her when im drunk
    > Eventually reply at 8 pm
    > «Just joking! i didnt do shit, i only went out. How you holding up after the holiday?»
    > Doesnt reply until noon 12 pm the NEXT FUKING DAY
    > Fuck this
    > Sort of know its over

    > 3 days later i throw the hail mary
    > «What trouble are you getting into this weekend?»
    > 5 minutes pass
    > She hitting the clubs
    > Tell her «Ive found a place with even more expensive champagne and she can tag along while i flaunt some money» (Again inside joke, we laugh at show offs)
    > Tells me that it would be nice but she is busy this weekend
    > «Aiit, cool»

    That was one week ago.
    I really dont understand. If she got turned off by my mediocre game on the date she could EASILY
    Not invited me home
    Not ask me to ditch the work meeting
    Declined my Coffee suggestion
    Not invite me to accompany her to the city
    Not kissed me goodbye
    Not texted me that we shoulda stayed in bed and chilled

    Now she might have met some other dude during easter holiday or have problems with her ex. It Isnt too long since she broke up. But still, i dont think ive ever have gotten that many IOI's only to be shot down.

    I really like her, and want to give it a shot even though its a long one.

    What are some good texts DHV and build back attraction?
    Its been 8 days with no contact, wait longer or send text soon?

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    I'm still learning myself, but I'll give my 2 cents. My thinking is that you might have left it a little too long in the middle. The part after you've texted goodnight and then no contact for 6 days. This 6 day break is a massive thing for something so early in a 'relationship'. Now guys like ourselves would think differently about it but to a girl, this break might signal to her all that you wanted was sex. Now that you've had sex from her, she might not have anything else to offer you. She might think that she's been 'used' which is a pretty shit feeling. At this stage, texting to start a conversation might not be the best thing. Emotion can't always been conveyed the best via text so a real life conversation might help suss out where you are with her. Maybe invent some realistic reason for being in her neighbourhood and message her, 'hey, i'll be about XYZ this afternoon. Did you want to grab a coffee / drink / bite to eat (tailor for her). This way you're going to get a definite answer. If she responds and wants to meet up, you can judge from the interaction with her how she feels. If she doesn't respond or gives a weak excuse it might be time to move on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Briannalexi View Post
    Also god dammit can someone tell me what IOI stands for?
    Indicator of Interest --> signs that a girl is into you. Different PUA's treat different things as IOIs but in general things like laughing at your jokes even if they aren't great, touching you, eye contact, engaging in conversation, asking questions about you etc.

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