All of a sudden friend told me she dreamt about me

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    All of a sudden friend told me she dreamt about me


    Heart stuff diagnosed, immediate assisstance required! I believe you will get through it, even though I had to show you the whole picture, so it got lenghty

    A friend of mine texted me and said she dreamt about me. She told me that it wasn't clear, but I hugged her, when I asked what was I doing in her dream. I'd assume it's a clear sign NORMALLY, but the thing is, we haven't met or even talked for like a year.

    She used to be my classmate, and as classmates we hadn't evinced any particular interest to each other. We're both positive, I liked her, she liked me, but that's all - I wasn't as open and socialised as I am now. Now, she's studying in a city far away and I'm about to start studies abroad in a few months, so we're rather isolated from each other.

    That's the overall status, now get back to the first conversation she started - we were texting for a few hours and we both were replying in a matter of minutes. It was ultra fun and engaging conversation, I just couldn't resist a smile the whole time! Worth to mention that we were also kind of bantering each other a bit.
    We also talked a few times in a next week or so.

    After that, we've seen each other on a class party. We talked and shared some attention, but I haven't spent the whole time with her, kinda on purpose. Worthy mentioning, she've caught my glances at her a few times.

    From then on, (and it has been only a couple of weeks) we're still talking, but more rarely and it's more like a passive texting, as she only replies when got time, the key word being she. For me, I can't fucking wait for more! Even though it is only a long-distance acquaintanceship, my mind really went deep into it. I'm not desperate or intrusive to her at all, but I feel it myself as I keep waiting for more talks, thinking about her and overanalyzing the situation as a whole. Here comes my question, what do you think? Is it a random situation, which has been totally missread by a young guy who haven't truly care for any girl and now got flattered by someone's attention or did she deliberately tell me about her dream? I have no idea what is actually going on and the more I think, the less I know =D Please share your thoughts Cheers!

  2. Hey
    Even I'm still learning,i will give you my opinion....
    I Think it's Not thats normal thats Age Tells you about her Dream singe you had No Contact die eine Time...

    But considering that you Two live far Away and both Study,you should Move on i guess...
    At least you will havea reason to go to the class events

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    201 we go.

    Stop analyzing and make a move

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    Stop analyzing and make a move
    This and only this. The rest of the post is pointless.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RSA View Post
    Please share your thoughts Cheers!
    Sooo...... did you actually make a move yet or what?

  6. If a woman texts a man she was dreaming about him, its when you send the netflix and chill text.

  7. Ive had girls tell me about their dreams and its always a good sign i think! get in there before she has forgotten

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