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    WildCard113 Field Journal

    Tuesday March 7, 2017

    Went to West Farms Mall again to work on Daygame about 3pm. Didn’t approach anyone. Was there for about an hour, probably missed 15 beautiful women. Left and went to Barnes & Noble down the street. Saw a beautiful women there. Probably had proximity….DIDN’T APPROACH HER!
    Went back to West Farms Mall at 6pm. Decided to stay til 7pm and approach 2 women. ‘Ran’ after one tall brunette only to chicken out. DIDN’T APPROACH this beautiful Asian girl.
    I’M SO ASHAMED OF MYSELF. Left only after 20 min. It’s now 6:54pm and DIDN’T APPROACH ANYONE ALL DAY. The thing is I don’t feel too scared but apparently scared enough not to approach. No butterflies in my stomach but no motion of my feet either.
    I FEEL LIKE SUCH A LOSER. Looked for a wingman on forum, no answers yet. Just need someone to push me, to force me. Looks like I might have to do this on my own.

    Monday, April 3, 2017

    So I haven’t gone out to practice AT ALL!! Oh my God! It just occurred to me earlier today at work. I watch all these videos about fighting, superhero movie stuff and all that…but rarely do I watch videos about pick up. I started watching Mysteries “The Pick-up Artist” again and got very motivated. It’s a good way to keep this in my life when I’m not sarging.

    Tuesday, April 18, 2017 (present day)

    Better late then never to start taking my social life SERIOUSLY. Of course it helps to be dumped by a girl you've had a crush on just after date 1. It also helps that a different girl I've had a crush on who DIDN'T tell me that she as a boyfriend vent her problems to my partner at work which he tells me that she has a boyfriend for the past 7 months. What's funny is she's the "side chick" and she knows this. Plus the last 3 women I've liked didn't like me back. I never want to feel this way again. So anyways, I'm finished focusing on my failures (doesn't help since my partner at work is a natural who seems to get ALL the hot girls) and I'm only focusing on my successes... and studying... and practicing. I will document EVERYTHING (good and bad) so I can learn. So....."let it begin":

    Today I went to West Farms Mall... again. After my failure with my (latest) crush I just kept saying to myself "I don't care anymore (in regards to feeling AA) along with "I'm probably never seeing her again anyways. It's just practice". However the AA was still there but not too bad. I did miss out on quite a few women however today was a GREAT SUCCESS for me.

    Approaches: 3 (or 4 if you count the sales lady who opened me... kind of)
    -Moving Sets: 2
    -Stationary Sets: 1 (or 2?)
    -# of people/set: all were 1 sets
    0Number closes: 0

    1. HB7- Walking the Mall
    She was definitely shopping and not paying attention when I approached her on the right. She seemed pretty nervous. I opened, she smiled but then slowly started walking away like I was a weirdo. When she freaked I said: "I know this is a little weird but I had to tell you..." then I told her to have a nice day and ejected.

    (Mental note: Slow down when opening)

    2. HB8- Walking the Mall
    She was also shopping, she had some bags with her. The opening was a bit smoother and I wasn't as nervous however still didn't make it past "So what are you doing today". Duh, shopping! Mind went blank and I ejected. I was still smiling and proud of myself because I approached 2 women! Didn't care that they were failures, I learned from them and that's all good to me!

    (Mental note: Refer to #1) lol

    3. HB9- Saleswomen
    Super short, super hot with big chest Israeli chick stopped me to try to buy some moisturizer for my face and/or feet. lol. Our personalities immediately clicked and I teased her that she was short. This accent and I asked where she's from. She told me to guess. I said, "I've been to 10 different countries and I've never heard your accent" (Thanks Marine Corps!). She said she was from Israel and showed me her necklace which was right on her boobs. I said "Well I wasn't looking at your cleavage so I didn't notice. lol". She laughed. She asked again if I wanted to buy something. I said no other then a drink with her later tonight. She smiled and said she had a boyfriend. I said "All the beautiful ones are. Can't blame a guy for trying" and ejected. I had a feeling it wasn't going anywhere but I still had fun talking to her.

    (Mental note: In hindsight I should have done some kino 'game' with her or the 'rings routine'. Plus I feel if I had left my number on some paper or something. Maybe she's in the market for an "upgrade" soon. lol. Don't care, I should try)

    4. HB9- Shopping at Macy's

    Went to Buckland Mall. I posted a question in Daygame about this. Basically I saw her walking in the store while I was coming down the escalator. SHE WAS SO HOT! She was super far away so I tried jogging but about 30 feet away she turned around and saw me (I think she heard me jogging) so I ducked left, exited the mall and wrote my question. Walking back I saw her looking at something with her back turned so I approached

    Me: Excuse me. I don't normally do this but I saw you earlier when I was walking and I have to say you.....are absolutely beautiful"
    Her: Thank you (smiles)
    Me: So what are you up to today? Shopping I'm guessing?
    Her: Yeah I'm trying to figure out the price of this thing (so it actually feels like she's cool with a conversation)
    Me: I see. I myself am playing hooky today. Some times you need a mental health day (AANNNNDDD this is where my mind goes blank). And I eject.

    (Mental note:
    -Have something better then playing hooky to say
    -Try to elaborate on her beauty. She had great hair!
    -PRACTICE OPENING MORE so your mind won't go blank.
    -Don't eject. Never eject. Endure the ackward silence and continue talking)

    So Gents, that's day 1 and that's how it stared. I'm super excited because I can't improve if I don't open... and I finally opened...more then once! We'll see how tomorrow goes. This post and future posts are for my benefit really but if someone else can learn and benefit that's good ok by me.

    GOAL: Open 3 more sets tomorrow. Get to what she does for work.

    Thank you Mcgoo for your "150 Approaches. Statistics of approaches and close %" post from Sept/2011 for giving me the idea and motivation to do this.

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    April 20, 2017

    Had an old hook-up come over this morning so she kept me occupied and need to pick up a friend from the airport so decided to spend the 45 minute break in between to go to the mall and try some day game. Not what I would aggressive however I did get farther in the interaction.

    1. HBr9

    I saw her walking out from the bookstore into the mall. I was able to open her and she didn't appear to be as nervous as women have in the past. I opened much slower this time and it seemed to be receptive but there was something off. I asked her what she was doing today and she said shopping. I told her a story about shopping for my niece because she turns 8 this weekend and I have to get a great gift because I am her awesome godfather. Then I asked her what she did for work and she told me she was 17. I said "damn you're super young" and then I think her and ejected.

    I am disappointed because I could have approached three other women but got AA but I do have to say even though she was 17 she was the most beautiful woman I had seen at the mall in the short period of time.

    I am proud that my opener went 'a little' better and that I didn't eject because of a ackwardness (more for self-preservation)

    (Mental note:
    -Keep working on opener
    -Create and practice "What I am doing"
    -Fuck AA, APPROACH!)

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    Friday, April 21, 2017

    Friday, April 21, 2017

    Approaches: 10-ish
    -Moving Sets: 2
    -Stationary Sets: 8-ish
    -# of people/set: 1-6
    -# closes: 0

    It was such a crappy, rainy day and I was so busy that I couldn't really do any day game at the usual spots (which was nice actually) but I'm determined to improve my game so I decided to try some night-game. I'm not really a night person AT ALL but I bought a extra-strength 5-hour energy drink and it worked GREAT! Have to remember to take those when staying out late or the old man in me will knock me out.

    When I got to the casino (Mohegan Sun) it was right at 10pm. LOTS of people. Young, beautiful, drunk women...almost all in groups. I've been practicing my indirect opener and transitioning along with my day game. The entire time I was thinking to myself "It's Friday night...training night...nothing here matters....don't care (regarding AA)...let's starting training. So in the words of FLuffee..."Let's do it!"

    1. 3-set sitting at the bar

    I approached the set and stood in between girl 1 and 2 (3rd girl was to the right of 2 but she could still hear:

    Me: "Hey guys, let me get your opinion on something....(they turn and seemed fine with me)....do you think drunk I Love You's count?"

    Some fat, ugly black guy to the right of girl 3 said something like "hey!". I thought he was going to blow me out of set but I ignored him. He shut up and started to listen I think!! lol. The girls seemed to like the opener...

    ME: "real quick then I have to go back to my friends" (rock back like I'm about to leave).

    They we're entertained. I continue...blah, blah, blah...

    ME: "How do you guys know each other?"

    They were all coworkers. Talked previously about me being a Paramedic in Hartford. Told about how I almost delivered a baby, 'Mom' given birth 7 minutes after I dropped her off. I thanked them and ejected. I promised myself no more ejecting but I wasn't really thinking because I was so excited the conversation went so well.

    2. 1-set (HBr8-asian)

    She was sitting at the bar around from the 1st set. Opinion opener...talked about playing hooky from work...work as Paramedic....talked about the bar and if she likes her job (she was a server counting her tips at the counter which I thought was weird but there was hardly anyone in the back of the bar at this time). Mentioned her boyfriend...I didn't care....She had to go. I thanked her. I'm starting to warm up so excited!! 2 sets in 15 minutes!!

    3. 1-set (HBl8)

    She was walking somewhere and I daygamed her. Got to "So what do you do for work?" Still feels ackward and not naturally flowing. I REALLY need to lock down my 'What I am doing'. I did better on locking myself in, not behind her but to the side (per J. Soul's instructions from 11 essentials)

    4. 2-set (standing around, drinking outside a store)

    Situational Opener
    ME: (Their drinks looked delicious) "Oh my God those look so good! You have to tell me where you got those."
    GIRL: Oh just around the corner...(directions, directions, directions)
    ME: "So how do you guys know each other?"
    GIRLS: (receptionist at local spa in the casino)

    We talk about their work, my work...(continuing the 'almost delivered a baby the other day!) The girls decide to keep shopping and started walking away. I got the hint but still good practice. Need to start working on attraction more. 2 or more. Need to develop routines now.

    5. 2-set (sitting down on bench)

    Pretty much as the other to be honest. 'Drunk I Love You' opener. Found out that their both married, waiting for their husbands that were at the fight that night.

    After this I ran into my friend Terry and his buddy Steve whose birthday is Monday. The 3 of us went to some irish bar. We talked and then I got an idea....I walked up to a 3-set (the HB6-7)....

    ME: "Hey guys! It's my good friend Steve's Birthday tomorrow and I'm trying to get 100 people to wish him a happy birthday! Can you help me out?" They fuckin loved it. I think I found a great new opener.
    GIRLS: (they laughed, said sure, wished Steve a happy birthday)
    ME: "How do you guys know each other?"

    The rest of the night was wine, '100 Birthday Wishes' opener and laughs. I opened mixed sets, 6-sets... a lot of sets and it was fun but one in particular stuck out because I got the farthest in attraction.

    6. 3-set (standing at bar, HB7-8's)

    100-birthday opener...transition.... They were all older but good looking. The blond rubbed against me trying to get her drink.

    ME: "Hey now! Why are you rubbing up against me? (with a smile)."
    GIRL: "Because I'm drunk and horny, duh!" (laughing and smiling)

    I tease her a bit, she goes and talks to some old fat guy (her coworker)

    I run the 'rings' routine on the brunette while her friend listens in. Get all the way to the end. About 2/3 of the way through the 2 girls and the birthday boy Steve are captivated by my story. Once I'm done the brunette says:

    GIRL: "Wow. I'm surprised you remembered all that while drunk!"
    ME: "I got skills!"
    GIRL: (laughs)

    My friend Terry calls me right then to meet him at a local restaurant. We go.

    The night ends with the 3 of us attempting to sober up at this buffet. All laughing, eating, drinking coffee or water. It was a good night of practice regardless. I had a great time! I'm going to Steve's Birthday party the next night closer to home. We'll see how I do at Maggie McFly's. lol

    (Mental note:
    -Work on body language
    -Make attraction routine
    -Keep practicing daygame EVERYTHING)

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    Saturday, April 22, 2017

    Approaches: 4
    -Moving Sets: 0
    -Stationary Sets: 4
    -# of people/set: 1-4
    -Number closes: 1

    So after last night’s adventures (pushing myself socially and all the drinking…both which I don’t do often) I was a little worn out however Steve from last night DID invite me to his birthday party at The Rooftop 120 so I couldn’t disappoint. On my way there I stopped at Chipotle and was standing behind this beautiful women in spandex and an amazing ass.

    1. HB8- Chipotle line waiting to order

    ME: (I talk kind of loud so she knows I’m talking to her) “Damn! It's freaking cold in here!”
    HER: (She turns to me like she was thinking the same thing and was surprised I said something) “I know right? I’m freezing!"
    ME: "Oh good it’s not just me. I DID just shave my head and was wondering if I was being a wuse…I’m glad I’m not the only wuse here”
    HER: (She laughs)

    I introduce myself, she does the same and appears to be receptive to my conversation. She orders her food but keeps coming back to me. Turns out she’s a marketing rep for Muscle Milk and was returning to Boston from NYC and just stopped for some food. I talked about being a paramedic, she appeared intrigued. She paid and as I was paying I turned to her…

    ME: “Would you like to sit with me while you eat? I have nobody to eat with and the company would be nice.”
    HER: “No I have to get back to Boston since I have to get up at 5am to get back to work”.
    ME: “Oh come on you’re already here and you would enjoy it much better if you sat and ate. Tell you what, I’m just asking for 20 minutes of good, entertaining conversation and then you can go”

    HOLY SHIT she says yes. 20 min pass...30 min pass...40 min pass... 45 min later we’re still talking and she seems really into my adventures as a paramedic and about the Marine Corps. I tell her about when I almost was shot…the countries I'd been to... the full moon, sunrise, and sunset out in the middle of the ocean (all 3 were on my bucket list to experience). I tell her I wish she wasn’t in a rush and that she would have a good time at my friends party, and that I enjoy talking to her (I didn’t push the issue, nearly suggesting it). She says she can’t. She says she travels a lot for work.

    ME: “Tell you what, the next time you’re coming through here I’m going to treat you to Chipotle and a drink. Deal?”
    HER: (laughs) “Deal!”
    ME: (I hand her my phone and she puts her # in there. When she hands it back I text her ‘Awesome Travis’)

    We continue to talk for another 5 minutes or so and then part ways. I truly don’t expect her to contact me but it was fun and YOU NEVER KNOW.

    2. HBl7- (Sitting at the bar with her 4 friends)

    I arrive at the (unfamiliar) bar. It was awesome! I am going back, maybe next weekend but definitely during the summer. Steve looks super happy to see me and immediately introduces me to his fiancť, his friends and their wives/girlfriends, etc. We make fun of one of their friends (they were all firefighters except one who was a commercial airplane pilot (I swear he looks like Quagmire from Family Guy except he had zero game)

    I don’t really do much but socialize with my new friends at first but Steve said this one blonde keeps looking at me. He saw how social I was last night and kept egging me to talk to her.

    ME: “I don’t normally do this but I saw you earlier and I have to say you are absolutely beautiful. The way your hair just falls really caught my eye”
    HER: “Thank you”

    I continue gaming her a bit but my game wasn’t on...tried the rings routine but she seemed disinterested. Didn't even get to the thumb. Lol. Later in the night when she was walking past after going to the bathroom…

    ME: “I think you should come over here and talk to me”
    HER: “Oh sorry, I think I’m going to stick with my friends”

    BURN. I was away for a while so lost momentum. BUT, I still had fun and it was good practice. More happened that night with various other women but these were the ones I remember.

    (Mental note:
    -Work on attraction
    -Work on body language
    -Create (and polish) a few good stories.

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    Sunday April 24, 2017

    This Asian girl who is a new hire at work texted me. We had gone on a date the week before, kissed but Iím 38 and sheís 21 and she got weird the next day after the date. She wasnít happy that I told my partner that I had a date with her. She blew me off twice, Fri and Sat and even texted me:

    HER: I donít think this is a good idea (talking about us getting together)
    ME: Why not?
    HER: Because we work together. Thatís all. People talk and I donít want the drama

    I text her how many people at work are couples, some married. She says she doesnít want a relationship and that she just wants to have fun. I told her thatís fine but Iíll let her decide (if she wants to see me)

    So today Iím back to work and so is she. She comes up to me and talks about EMT students and if the ones she sent are good. I told her they suck (for real they suck. Not their skills but their personalities and their dress. Not professional.)

    Iíve basically been ignoring her since she blew me off, not going to visit, no random texting. I basically wrote her off. ThenÖ.

    HER: Youíre awfully quite today
    (I am told to cover Wethersfield)
    HER: Running away I see
    ME: Lol. Running to Wethersfield. You should have come over before I had to leave
    HER: You didnít seem like you want to talk today
    ME: Iím always open to talk (smiley face). Just been reading and studying but now Iím at the point where Iím watching movies. Lol
    HER: We should hang out

    (SAY WHAT??)

    ME: Tonight
    HER: Yeah
    ME: Sounds good
    HER: Iím going out after work but free after that
    HER: And since you have your own placeÖ
    HER: And we have work at the same time tomorrowÖ.
    ME: What time will you be free?
    HER: Probably around 11
    ME: Youíll be tiredÖ.
    HER: Grabbing a drink and dinner with a friend in WeHa
    HER: Too tired for what?
    ME: Hang out.
    ME: But Iíll be up
    HER: Hmm I donít think you got the message
    ME: Oh I got it (winky face) Iíll see you tonight
    HER: No, no you didnít get it
    HER: Lol

    (Later that day)

    HER: My plans tonight got cancelled
    ME: Coming over sooner Iím guessing then?
    HER: Yeah

    (We text about getting dinner, I wanted Cheesecake Factory but it would have been closed by the time she was ready. We both decide on ordering pizza at my house. She seemed happy to be coming over. She asked if Iíd get wine.)

    HER: Um weird question but do you mind if I crash there?
    ME: No
    HER: Not planning on sleeping over but just in case I donít feel like driving back later
    HER: Or if you get my drunk
    HER: Address?

    (She eventually shows up about 9:30pm. We order pizza, watch Black Mirror while she keeps creeping up to me, flirting and touching while I lay on the bed watching the show with minimal response. Finally as sheís sitting there I put my hand on her back and say ďCome hereĒ as in come lay on my shoulder. She turns, gets right in my face and kisses me and then doesnít move. We kiss more. Then she asks ďSo, what do you want to do?Ē

    (!!!!!!....fuckin women, fucking 21 year oldsÖ.Good thing Iím studying this stuff)

    Letís just say she dirtied my sheets and leave the obvious images along. However she wasnít very affectionate afterwards. Didnít want to share a shower with me and was eager to go home. It looked like she had Ďbuyers remorseí. We talked a bit and she left. She did text me a bunch when she got home so Iím guessing sheís still interested however Iíve been tricked before. Iím guessing as long as I donít tell anymore at work about us there will probably be more visits. Sweet!!

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