What went wrong?

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  1. What went wrong?

    So a bit of background, I'm in college and this was at a frat party in my frat (we're not the douchy alpha frat where everyone gets laid all the time). Was talking to 2 separate girls and something weird happened:
    1) Talking to a girl on the dance floor, she can't keep herself off me, she is getting as close as physically possible to me while talking like we were very close to making out she is rubbing her pussy against my hand and such, and suddenly she takes her friend and walks away, no clue what happened. Tried talking to her later but she keeps running away. Don't remember saying anything weird (don't remember what I said i was just vibing, but very confident it wasn't anything too weird).

    2) Talking to a girl, she gives a ton of IOI's, we're playing a game, I say to her I have better booze in my room upstairs, lets go there after the game's done. She is very down and excited, and when the game ends she's not feeling it anymore. She is also giving IOI's throughout when the game is going on and is being very touchy till the very end where she says she doesn't want to go.

    I have no clue what's going on with that. I know this isn't exactly a detailed report, but any guesses as to what could have went wrong? Because as of right now I have 0 ideas.

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    Failure to escalate back.

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