No response to text after first date - help?

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    No response to text after first date - help?

    This girl and I went on our first date on Tuesday, and we both seemed to agree that it went very well. However, that night I texted her the following: "Hey [her name], thanks so much for an awesome time today", but she didn't respond. So I'm wondering, should I text her again, and if so, when and what should I text her?

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    No. Put her on your booty call list. As a general rule, if you don't f-close on a first date it is either because you don't know how or she was not attracted to you. She was not attracted to you because she never texted you after the date. I'll usually wait for them to text me. If I don't hear from them I'll recycle these when things dry up a little.

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    Don't text again, leave it be. Wait for her.

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