everything that has a beginning has an end.

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  1. everything that has a beginning has an end.

    Like the title says everything that has a beginning has an end. It has taken me 15 years to comprehend, accept and internalize the true meaning of this phrase. It has also taken me 15 years to realize that I have been living in my own hell. One that shape shifts into an illusion of comfort, safety and fake pleasure(porn) while demonizing the idea of stepping outside my secure boundaries' even if paradise(relationships, sex, financial opportunities) were on the other side. I created this inferno by not taking action to create the life that I desire to live and I take full responsibility for that.
    I will spare you the details of how bad I am with women since a good number of you on here are on the same boat and can probably imagine what that looks like. There fore this thread will be about my journey out of hell and its aim is to inspire any of you reading this to put down your computer(phone/porn), drop your excuses and take back your life while I take back mine! I will no longer walk asleep through life letting my opportunities pass by. I will bring an end to my excuses and my reality as I know it. Because everything that has a beginning has an end and the end is always a new beginning. This is the cycle of life.

    I will post to this thread regularly at least twice a week I will be day gaming every day for 8 hrs from now on. I have done game and been a part of local laiers before(pick up groups). But I have decided to go lone wolf because I end up talking more about game than actually gaming when I'm with other people. I am open to criticism so don't hold back.

  2. Action is the only way forward dude.

    If you want a virtual wing-man, who sends you daily daygame email tips to keep you motivated,

    check us out here

    daygame australia .com

  3. thank you day game Australia I would like that but I don't have any money to be using for boot camps for now

  4. Sharpening the arsenal on the eve of war

    It is true that when war is inevitable there is no escape, but you can choose to enter the war with a knife or an AK-47. so today I spent the day training with the AK and this is what I worked on.

    vocal projection- my voice shivers and projects my fear of being in front of a hot girl, which is what gets me killed in the first 10 seconds of an interaction.

    Thinking too much and running out of things to say- these two go hand and hand together and are self explanatory

    text game- I think too much and express too many thoughts in one bubble of text. I reply instantly and it leads to longer time responses from girls or loss of interest.

    so this is what I did to counter these problems.

    -for vocal projection I spent an entire hour playing with my voice until I could keep it in a tone that would project confidence and masculinity.

    -after this I practiced talking to random trees on the pavement as if they were girls. And held the conversation from 2-5 min averaging 2 min most of the time. conversation is still not flowing properly but that comes with practice.

    - and last I pretended these trees gave me their number and went home to practice text game. I opened a tinder, an ok cupid and a scout account and approached a total of 30 girls on two of the apps. every text was unique and short. I practiced saying something immediately within the span of 3 seconds to the girls as if I was doing it in real life wiring my brain to take action fast. I used my observation skills to create my texts

    I managed to get one awesome conversation with a girl and I will b texting her tomorrow after I have accomplished tomorrow's goal.

    ok this concludes what I did today. now its time to take massive action. tomorrow I will be entering one of the belly of the beast. my goal is to get rejected so that I become ok with the fact that I will get rejected a lot. After this I will just attempt to be social and enjoy the conversations I'm having. This is tomorrow's goal stay tuned

  5. wow honestly I don't know how I haven't had a mental breakdown today. I feel like an alcohol virgin taking my first shot of fully loaded vodka! I approached 7 girls today, each of them made me feel like my guts where coming out of my body and choking me. The first 2 girls I approached; my words didn't even come out, and mind went blank. the two openers I prepared went straight out of my mind and I felt my soul jump right out of my body. infact after they asked if I was ok, I told them that I just lost my soul trying to approach them and they laughed and well it was an ok interaction but the girl did have a bf. the other interactions were pretty scary though and the girls were not as friendly and I felt lightheaded after every single one.
    I'm not gonna lie I did tear up a bit today it was hard to see that some of these girls didn't even acknowledge my existence and its hard not to take it personally. But I need to do more approaches 7 approaches in 8 hours is not even close to what I need in order to see change. my text game however was on point today I got plenty more responses than I usually get. nothing special happened except for the fact that I met my first gold digger today and politely told her to f off. But other than that everything was fine. like I said I use tinder and scout as a way to practice text game and only spend about 2 hours of the day max on them I don't want them to become a Krutch. anyways tomorrow will be another day.

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