My Night Out on St. Paddies Day

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    My Night Out on St. Paddies Day

    I haven't been out cold approaching for a LONG time. Ive been bunckered down studying for grad school. But today was St. Patrciks Day and folks were I went out!

    I still struggle with a lot of approach anxiety, so I tried to just open with "Hey There! Happy St. Paddy's Day". Many of them were friendly, but a common problem was that I could not hold their attention after I opened and tried to transition, most of them just went back to their group conversation.

    There was one group I talked to that went really well though. It was a mixed group too!

    I opened with asking if anyone knew where Saint Patrick was born. A few of them said Ireland. I said that there are some that say he was born in Britain or France and brought over as a kid (as a guy who studies history, nobody actually knows). I introduced my name and got know a bit of each them. This black woman named Tiffany I got a long with well. She complimented my nice green shirt with vertical white stripes. We talked for a bit and I tried to keep it playful. I also shared with her my passion for history and political science.

    She her friend had to go to the restroom, so I talked with one of the guys about our careers/career aspirations. I thought we got along the time. When the ladies came back I tried to engage with the black girl, but then the the guy I was talking to took me aside and said "dude she is just not into you, I'm not trying to be a douche...but she doesn't want to talk to you."

    I left the group after that. I dont know if I was actually creeping her out, or if he was just trying to cockblock me. If anyone has an feedback for this, please respond.

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    He probably just got jealouse and wanted to cockblock..but in anycase, you did well. Even intimidating other guys in sets to the point that they will say that, gives you extra points. I would suggest you read more about AMOGING and look for videos and material about how to handle cockblockers. But I think what you should have done is focus more on the girl once you heared that statement. You should have also asked the logical question "how do you people know each other" maybe he just met the girls there or maybe he was her boyfriend you know!!

  3. I agree with Raiyans, he may have just not wanted you to have the girl! I read about how in mixed sets you should always "game" the men in the group first. This way they are on your side and don't cockblock you. Also, it helps you with social proof later when the next HB comes around. Try that next time out.

    - Deezus

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    This is a tough one to comment on without seeing the situation in person.

    One thing that instructors are really good at is picking up on how OTHER people in the bar are interacting with each other. If you see a guy with poor body language who looks nervous and insecure when he's talking to a girl, he's probably not her boyfriend. If you a guy who looks comfortable with a girl, and she is acting really warm towards him she might be his girlfriend or a close friend. Try to look for social cues like this next time you go out.

    This is easier said than done, but don't get discouraged when stuff like this happens. You can always just say it was nice meeting you guys and move to the next group.

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