Opinion needed on student/teacher situation

I was a TA for a course this girl was taking and after the course finished I asked her for her number and she gave it to me. Immediately she was telling me how turned on she was by me the whole semester, and was sending me nudes every day. The first time we had a date she blew me and overall we've ended up banging a few times. She started calling me and texting me everyday and we started spending a lot of time together (borderline couple thing).

About her: she's a social recluse (literally 2 friends, stays home does nothing alot), has a dark past, pretty insecure even though shes sexy.

Anyways 3 months in, I noticed she has 2 personalities where she's either horny, nice and fun (75% of the time), and on the other hand she becomes cold, distant (25% of the time). This cycle has happened a couple of times and was messing with me. I finally snapped and I told her I needed to walk away. I regretted saying that so we met up to talk and she just stormed off. She texted me the next day saying crazy stuff like I was abusing my position of power, taking away her autonomy as a woman etc :s.

I wanted to be like "wtf are you talking about" but all my buddies told me to apologize. Then she told me she still wants me in her life, but was so hurt and apologizes if she comes across as dry because shes working on it. She did become dry so I stopped texting her and decided to ignore her. 2 days in she texts me and "sorry I've been busy with school". I want to keep banging her but I don't know if this stress and games are worth it, any advice/insight helps guys.