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  1. Hello PUAs!

    Hello there all PUAs! Im Casper and Im new to the community. Im just getting introduced to this and hope to learn a lot from all you guys and contribute all what I can contribute to this forum. I am 24 (still a virgin, sadly ) and hope to get into the game and try it out. I have all the faith in the world and hope that you guys help me out here. Thanks a lot!

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    Welcome aboard man! Where you from? I might be able to offer advice depending on what stage you are in life.

  3. Hey man! Thanks for the reply. First, Im still a single virgin and have had many major crushes in my life but all of them had ended up in failures. I have been mostly rejected and in some occasions have been played on.

    So Im pretty depressed and frustrated with my incapability. By joining the community I hope to be a better me and definitely hope get rid of this inability.

    Secondly, as Im new to this I still have to understand the basic game, so then I can look for the areas I need improvement on. I know this is a lot to ask, but Im pretty much desperate now and I would appreciate any help I can get here. As for the materials I have referred to get started, I have watched some videos by Mystery, Style, etc. Im currently reading The Game by Style and have read some books like The Art of Seduction by Robert Greene.

    Thirdly, Im a SriLankan college student studying in Nepal and I travel constantly between these countries (And in some countries in between like India). The communities in both the countries are basically the same. The people are majorly conservative and take stuff like culture and religion seriously. But man no matter how hotter the chicks can get the problem still stands and all my pursuits have ended up as total screw ups.

    So Im the average frustrated college guy in need of help for some serious self improvement.

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