Going with friends might see my flake

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    Going with friends might see my flake

    Invited girl out to go clubbing with me and my mates
    "I'm heading to X tonight, wanna tag along?".
    She said she might be going to the same place with her friends and would meet me if she does. This morning she said: "Unfortunately, my friends want to goto Y so I won't be seeing you at X"
    ill give x and y some names so it doesn't seem too maths, x = funky town, y = groove town
    What should I reply? Was thinking of saying "funky town > groove town, have fun tho "
    But i feel as if it sounds a bit needy, appreciate advice thanks!

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    That's pretty good man. doesn't come off needy at all. But it depends on where you're at. If this is a long or medium fuse (might be if she has flaked on you multiple times) I would say its good you don't want to over game via text. If it's a short fuse(replies to your messages, initiates etc) and this is the first time she has flaked, she probably just wants to go with her friends IE she's not ready to DITCH them for you, yet so you can try to tease her a bit about it.

    "Probably a good idea I heard funky town doesn't let (Blondes, Brunettes, dorks, nerds, brats etc) in on Saturdays "

    Just a thought, let me know how it goes.

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    You don't need to address this at all. You don't need some special reply to her choosing to stay with her friends.

    Have you tried to arrange a proper date with this girl? Have you seen each other before?
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