Tinder Game Question

So i used the "I bet my weekend beat your weekend :-P" opener to great reception to this girl i matched with. After some conversation, she mentioned that she didnt know what the Marina was (Marina Del Rey, in Los Angeles County), and told me she lived 45 minutes north.

I guessed where she lived (in the San Fernando Valley or even Palmdale {farther up north}). Well i messed up when I was asking her to hang out in the Marina and typed Palmdale. She said she actually lived in Thousand Oaks where I ended up saying "Since I did say the Valley first, Forger - 1, HB - 0. Wanna even up the score?"

Was this a good recovery? It seems shes enjoying the conversation, otherwise i feel like she'd have been kinda rude or turned off by it.

Tinder is down now for maintenance (darn living in the same time zone!) so this is a good time to reflect on the conversation to the community