How to overcome sexual anxiety?

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    How to overcome sexual anxiety?


    I donīt have problem approaching girls ... I actually tend to get to sex with them.. The thing is... a lot of times I canīt achieve an erection =( (thatīs truly sad)

    Why do I think is sexual anxiety? Well, this doesnīt happen to me with a girl I feel comfortable with, actually I can have sex for long periods of time with a strong erection.

    I think I get too nervous about the income.. I mean, I may find myself thinking "Will we have sex? I should do this and this in order to achieve it" and when we are almost having sex I am thinking to myself "Well ... why is nothing happening down there... whoaa! I think thatīs the beginning of an erection, oh wait no, itīs too flacid"...

    The thing is, when I catch myself thiking about that itīs almost sure the erection wont happen... or at least.. maybe the erection happens but I canīt make it last to have good sex =(

    Any advice on how to overcome this?... Really is frustrating to make all the work up to sex and then... nothing happens =(


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    Do you watch porn? if you're jerking it multiple times a day, that might be something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Forger View Post
    Do you watch porn? if you're jerking it multiple times a day, that might be something.
    Well... I donīt do that on a daily basis... So I donīt think thatīs too much. Something to note is that I donīt have this problem with chicks I feel comfortable with... Or maybe, I donīt feel that when "I KNOW" sex is gonna happen for sure

  4. Waayyy too much detail, can you make your post unread again?

    Have you tried telling the girl that she makes you really nervous...?

  5. Thanks for sharing homie. Unfortunately, I can't give advice because I've struggled with it also for 18 years. Next time I have sex, I'm going to take anti-anxiety medication. I'll let you know how it works.

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