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    Hey all, figured this would be the best section to start this thread.

    Anyone ever pulled an escort or camgirl? Also, I'm not talking about if you pulled a girl at the mall and later found out she cams. I'm talking about meeting an escort or camgirl through her work, and then pulling. I also know that there's no practical reason to pull these girls, other than trying to work on your game and bring it to godlike levels. I mostly just want to hear about interesting tactics or stories used in successful attempts.

    Seems to me like this is even harder than stripper game. Strippers work locally and have set times where you can meet them to chat.

    Escorts may work locally, but they don't have set times and if you want to chat with them you normally have to pay up for their time. Camgirls almost definitely aren't local to you, and most cam sites only let you chat to the models. Therefore, you'll have to work chat and sometimes Skype game until you emotionally progress enough that you can convince her to meet some guy that's hundreds or thousands of miles away. In other words, it logistically sucks.

    Due to the limited nature of the interaction, the entire spectrum of pickup including attraction, qualification, getting her investment, building comfort, etc all seems super difficult with escorts and camgirls, even more so than with strippers.

    Anyone have any awesome stories about picking up one of the above types of women?

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    I've met/dated several camgirls - mostly Colombians. Most folks say, "Don't try to use these as dating sites," so instead I do the opposite and do just that. They are fantastic dating sites if you use the right approach (not necessarily "game" approaches, by the way, although perhaps those can work too.) Leaving the language aside (My Spanish is quite good - I live in Mexico - but I'm not professionally fluent), the most important issue (obviously) is establishing rapport quickly. So, the very first thing you have to do is to invent a reason for being there (that is NOT to meet women, watch them strip, play with dildos, etc.) and work forward from there. You can tell the truth about everything else (if you so choose), but you must have a "legitimate" reason for being there and you must NOT ask them for a "show" of any kind. I've started conversations with, "Hi, I'm doing an academic study on this industry, can you answer a few questions about your work for me?" Then you proceed from there. You have to be careful, obviously, because costs can mount using these sites if you're not careful so you want to get your communication offline (that is, off the site) as quickly as possible. Anyhow, that's a start for you.

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