communication crash

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  1. communication crash

    Me and my wife, we have drifted apart each other. We had a sparkling relationship and now I feel like the flame is extinguished. Our spare time feels like tensed and disputes start from scratch.
    I feel that our relationship could use improvement, I will start a discussion with my fiancee about where are we in this relation and where are we heading to.
    Any protips how to solve this out without a relationship therapy?

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    whats wrong with therapy

    can help a ton more than a couple lines on an online forum without knowing the situation well

    yes talking to her is the 1st step. but considering it already got pretty bad its possible u wont be able to fix it all on ur own. see a pro.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by therapyraptor View Post
    I will start a discussion with my fiancee about where are we in this relation and where are we heading to.
    Well how did the conversation end up, did u come to any conclusion what is the status of your relationship? Seeing a professional relationship therapist is expensive but might save your marriage tho.

  4. Yesterday when my wife came home she seemed happier than usual. I was brave enough to start a conversation about this. It was an instant turn in her mood and she started to blame me from all of this. After almost an hour long not-so-joyful discussion she decided that only thing we need is some time to get over this. Apparently a therapist is not going to be an option. As I tried to explain how frustrated i am and not being able to wait for "some time" she accepted that we need to spend time together as we used to.

    We used to play board games and drink wine, have some nice food etc before. As the recent months has been quite silent and hard Im gonna try these things. Too bad im afraid that im going to spend that night drinking wine by myself

  5. You can take advice from experienced marriage counselors. They will understand your situation properly and suggest you good tips to make your relation normal.

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