How do I recover from "missing escalation window'?

Hi guys,

It's been a long time since I posted anything in here and I left the community for a few years and just decided I will be doing game again. This is a report of my date with the girl I just went on a date with last Saturday, on the New Year's Eve day. Here's a summary:

I met this girl (Anastasia, or Tia) in the church during Christmas Eve. She was a friend of a friend so after the church service I asked my friend about her and we ended up having dinner with her and all of my friends. I talked, flirted and got her number and texted her 2 days later (Monday) and agreed to go out on a date on Saturday. The date was in the afternoon (2 P.M) and I picked her up (to ensure that I would end up in her place), went to a cafe and after the meal we went to a nearby park to take a walk and continued talking. I started "seeding" by bringing up sexual jokes

("I think when a problem in a relationship arise one should be the "mouth" and one should be the "ear".It make sense right? If both parties were "mouth" they'll end up kissing )

I sat on the bench under the tree and caressed her hair. She was receptive to it. The game's on.
I made an appointment with my friends that we'd be going to NYE BBQ at 6 so I took her back to her place by 5, and I planned to go home straight away (she lives with her brother anyways) and didn't plan to take things up further.
But when I arrived her brother was out, leaving me a chance to escalate things further. I said I needed to use the toilet and went to her room while she was taking care of the laundry or something. After finished with the toilet I laid down on her bed and started to slow down my speech and maintained strong eye contact.

She asked "Should I close the door and turn on the AC? It's really hot here". Sure! and the she gave me pillow and she also took another pillow and laid down besides. Man, it's like she's setting up the mood herself!

We ended up holding hands, I moved myself to her pillow so our face were really close to each other. I looked at the time. 5.45. Damn I should get going if I don't want to make my friends wait (3 girls). I sat up on the side of the bed and hesitated. I told her "Ohh I wish I could stay here longer". She said "then stay"

She sat on the makeup desk near the bedside and I put her hands on my lap. I held her hands while looking deep into her eyes and caressing her hands. I put her hands on my face and she started caressing my face. I put my hands around her waist and complimented her body. No resistance. I started kissing her hand to her arm and while I was slowly closing the gap between us and feeling up her boobs and then... MY FRIENDS CALLED ME!

They asked to go home ASAP because they're waiting and that was the end of the momentum I excused myself and I kissed her on the forehead before I left. I texted her again later during the night and her mood already changed.. Fuck mee...
I kept the text convo going on and invited her out on Monday afternoon and setup a meeting later in the evening, but she cancelled in the late afternoon because she said "I wanted to dye my hair".
Last text with her was yesterday afternoon, when she started to show interest again and I started calling her "honey".
She was like "who's honey?". I said "Honey you ".

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1. IT'S GODDAMN POSSIBLE FOR ME TO BRING AN INDONESIAN GIRL HOME AND SEXUALLY ESCALATE REALLY FAR WITH HER ON THE FIRST DATE. This has always been a limiting belief and sticking point for me because I failed so many attempts with Indonesian girls just because I was escalating too fast. Or probably because I wasn't smooth. In general you have to take things a bit slower with Indonesian girls than with let's say Chinese tourists or white girls but it's also possible to have a SAME DAY LAY WITH AN INDONESIAN GIRL.

2. I had two options dealing with the phone call.
a) Telling my friends I'll be late and wait for me so I could close the deal
b) Picked another day when I didn't have any plan with my friends. But then that would mean I had to clear up the entire day just make sex happen?

My question:

1. How do I recover from "missing a window of escalation"? What do you think is happening at the moment?
Did she regret going so fast with me or what

2. This is the first time I could take things so fast with an Indonesian girl. I think one of the factors here is just she's a girl who doesn't mind to take the lead and she's more open about the idea of having sex with a guy she just met than ordinary Indonesian girls. This could also means she's the type of girl who doesn't take sex that seriously,right?

What do you think I should do with this type of girl?

Thanks a lot!