My Bootcamp With Lemon Jacket

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    My Bootcamp With Lemon Jacket

    I meant to post this up sooner but it has been delayed due to…reasons. Here it is now!

    I had wanted to take a LS bootcamp for years now. The only thing that has restrained me was financial limitations. Only after years of saving and getting a job that pays more than minimum wage was I finally able to do this, and I am glad I did!

    Last July, I drove out to New York City to get coaching with Lemon Jacket. Once at the meeting place, I met with two other students. One was a divorced man in his mid-30s from Canada, the other was a 19 year old kid from Texas. We were all just men who wanted women in one way or another.

    When Lemon Jacket arrived I found him to have a very feel good vibe. He and the other two workshop assistants went over the basics over opening and transition etc. I knew a lot of this already, its practicing it that I sucked at. The most helpful bit I got was the non-verbal advice. They told me when I approach a woman on the street, I should make sure she sees me first so that I do not scare her. I should also approach at a “bent arm’s length”, anything closer or farther is something he referred to as “the rape zone”. Coming off as predatory is something that I (and most men) probably are always afraid of so this was something I was really grateful for.

    We wrote down some direct openers and transitioning lines then hit the streets!

    Once out we began and my interaction went as such;

    Me: “Excuse me, I had to stop you. You are just stunning”
    Lady: “Oh…thank you.”
    Me: “You remind me of a woman I knew back home”
    Lady: “And where is back home?’
    Me: “Ohio”

    I used “You remind me of a woman I knew back home” as a transitioning line because a lot of people come to New York as visitors. After my brief and warm interaction with her, Lemon Jacket said I should have made my introduction. He also emphasized that I should talk slowly so that I could gauge her response and let the woman take everything when I talk.

    I went on to repeat the approach with several other women. Though I can’t remember every interaction I made, a few of these ladies stuck in my head.
    One women I approached and talked to was from New Mexico, and we talked about the history of the American Southwest and the Mexican North (had been reading a book about the cultural regions of North America at the time). Another women I met in the park flat out told me that I made her day! After I got her number we hugged and I kissed her on the cheek (assistant at the workshop said that was a bit too much.)

    While on the street, Lemon Jacket he was talking with the 30-something guy from Canada about some-sort of anxiety issue he was having. They were talking a while so when I saw some hot chick walking by I approached her on my own. We talked for bit and didn’t go anywhere, but when I was done Lemon Jacket personally praised me for having the balls to approach on my own.

    On the second day of the bootcamp, we talked about what we wanted in a woman (I prefer a feminine woman with a youthful spirit) and how to use it in qualification. We also talked about our “mastery topics”, things we were passionate about. I have a bit of trouble with this, but I’m probably going to improve soon as I make a big change this year. My passion is social sciences (I.E. history and politics), one thing I’ve been working on is trying to talk about politics without setting anyone off, and it actually is possible if you can learn to be passionate about being dispassionate. Anyway…

    We hit the streets again, I was MUCH more nervous this time around. I remember this day in field for my boot camp being awful. My anxiety was out of control. My coach gave me a lot of calm down breaks which was great. I kept on approaching, opening, and talking with as many women as I could. I don’t know why but I didn’t feel as cool on my second day.

    At the very end, we had a final talk about arranging dates, getting physical, and handling relationships etc. It was all very informative.

    Overall, I am glad I took this bootcamp. I had been wanting to for a long time. Overall I still have a lot to work on especially my body language and anxiety. I will probably employ love systems services again at some point. Working with Lemon Jacket was great! He was able to teach me how to approach and express interest in a non-creepy way. Fear of being creepy is still a problem for men….need to work it.

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    Note: Two cute lil things from the bootcamp.

    When asked what our goals were, I said I want to lose my virginity and sleep with as many women as possible. Lemon Jacket said that there was nothing wrong with that, but I should remember not to attach my worth to how many women I've made love to. I try to remind myself that.

    Also...while out in the field, I saw a book vendor. Among his books was Neil Strauss's The Game. I pointed it out...workshop assitant smiled.

    Soooo....that is my add on to this. Haha

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